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Plaid & Pinafores

As I have mentioned before, I have challenged myself this year to think about fashion differently. I’m trying to be a better friend to lady Earth by reducing waste, investing in quality pieces and buying more clothing second-hand. 303 more words

Story of the Vintage: Printed Midi Skirt

In my vintage shop, every piece has a story of it’s own, whether it be the story of how I cam across the item or maybe I sat and talked with the owner and learned about the history. 285 more words

Vintage Fashion

Meet The Dealers Sylvie

Little did I know when I started this series what a journey it would be for me! I’ve grown to understand a little bit more about the people I work with and a lot more about the aim of the shop. 961 more words

Meet The Dealer

Thankful for friends with style.

I think my favorite part of spring is the sensation of wonder that surrounds you. It’s like you’re living inside of a fairytale with the young and lush greenery, tiny chirping songs and the breeze carrying the natural perfumes of budding flowers. 108 more words

Old Greeting Cards

I discovered some old friends the other day in the attic. The attic would be an unlikely place to find actual people, but these were treasures given to me by many old friends and assorted members of the family – greeting cards. 219 more words

Mrs Bath

scissor fright

This is a moody appreciation post for this awesome navy dress I snagged over a year ago at Twice Round Vintage in west Asheville. I’m always obsessed with these goofy over the top doily collars you find on SO many 80s gems, but the dresses themselves are always WAY too long and I don’t… 211 more words

Vintage Clip-On Earrings: History of Pierced Ears

Going through not only my grandmother’s jewelry but also thrift shop jewelry, I always found it peculiar that there are a significant amount of clip on earrings. 271 more words

Vintage Fashion