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Grace Kelly in a white two-piece swimsuit

Grace Kelly (1929 – 1982): American beauty, appeared in 11 movies between 1951 and 1956, before retiring to be a European princess.


Greta Thyssen by the pool in heels

Greta Thyssen: born 1933, Miss Denmark 1952, on American screens from 1956, retired from acting 1967. Is she going to wear those shoes in the pool?


Anne Francis in a swimming pool

Anne Francis: (1930 – 2011) American actress whose starrong role in Forbidden Planet (1956) is mentioned in the opening number of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Vera Miles in a swimsuit

Vera Miles: born Vera June Ralston, 23 August 1929, Boise City Oklahoma. Pictured here on Malibu Beach in Amateur Screen and Photography magazine, June 1953.


Gloria Saunders in a two-piece swimsuit

Gloria Saunders (1927 – 1980) modelling as an 18 year old.