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Why going on a yoga retreat is actually doing everyone a favour... ;)

I’ve just returned from another wonderful yoga retreat week in Turkey, where I was once more struck by the magic of what occurs on these yoga weeks.  735 more words


Bandha - Controlling Energetics in Yoga

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The correct application of Bandhas is an important part of Ashtanga yoga practice. All students need to be able to identify and apply… 1,291 more words


Twists in Yoga Therapy for Breast Cancer

At the beginning of the term last autumn, I decided to teach some twists.  Using the concept of vinyasa-krama, that is, work slowly into the postures, I taught some light standing, sitting and lying twists.   235 more words

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Enveloping Movement: Vini Yoga's Envelope Breath

Envelope breath, or allowing the inhale and the exhale to enclose the movement, is only one of the features of ‘Vini’ yoga that increases breath capacity and one-pointedness. 296 more words


“…even though it is a very technical term from a philosophy which we call Mimamsa, my father it the name Vinyasa Krama, it is a method where you link one asana to another and you do it in a particular speed, repeating…

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Time Was, Is, and Will Be

Jivamukti Focus of the Month

January, 2015

Time Was, Is, and Will Be

ksana-pratiyogi parinamaparanta nirgrahyah kramah
The succession of changes (the uninterrupted sequence of moments) is only recognized as distinct moments when one has transcended those moments and is at the other end.  1,197 more words


Anthony 'Grimley' Hall workshop notes

I recently attended a workshop with Anthony ‘Grimley’ Hall, who has become increasingly well-known in the yoga world through his blog, which began as a means to chart the development of his own yoga home practice and share his findings with others. 936 more words

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