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Juillet / Août
Vinyasa Yoga sur le toit de la Grande Arche de La Défense.

Tous les lundis et mardis matin de Juillet et Août de 8h30 à 9h30, venez pratiquer avec Mylene et Jean sous le ciel de Paris au sommet de la Grande Arche de La Défense … sur son toit ! 10 more words

La Grande Arche De La Défense

7/6 Vinyasa Flow with Sher

Join Sher for this slow flow yet dynamic vinyasa class! We will explore a powerful sequence perfect for the end of the week to release tension, balance out our inner fire and center us for the weekend. 114 more words

Community Building

Sorrier namaskar

“Inhale hands to prayer. Make it real”

My teacher knows I’m nervous, gives me a breath to settle myself here before I ‘show him’ my Surya Namaskar A. 474 more words


Asana Inspirations with Helen Rita — Mind & Body Summer Yoga Schedule

Summer Yoga Class Schedule:

Tuesdays, Open Level Yoga, 8:30-9:45, Town Square, 2nd Floor

Thursdays, Mind & Body Movement, 8:30-9:45, Town Square, 2nd Floor 

Fridays, Open Level Yoga, 9:00 – 10:15, Town Square, 2nd Floor… 41 more words

Restorative Yoga

Pādānguṣṭhāsana, Pāda-Hastāsana

It’s day two and I’ve grouped these two forward bends together because they, to me, are a progression of Uttanasana. 601 more words


(re)Starting Ashtanga yoga

This week has been full of “beginnings” that I can only label such because, like the human of the 21st Century I am, I have decided that after falling off a band-wagon that doesn’t work for me right now so many times, I am going to start again, “and this time do it properly.” 965 more words


Training Thursday: Leslie creates own vinyasa

Welcome to our occasional series, Training Thursdays! This installment reports on Leslie’s recent completion of a 4.5-hour workshop titled Create Your Vinyasa.  Gillian St. Clair offered the session at her studio, … 69 more words

Leslie Weigel