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Sex, Vinyl Nor Cold Shall Dampen Epiphanies

Originally I’d gone over due to my heat being off, again, and yesterday the bitter north wind battered my apartment and to avoid the onset of hypothermia I decided to go over to D3’s to warm up and woke up this morning on his futon, with him pinned up behind me so as not to lie on his fresh laundry that lay in a pile behind him – both of us fully clothed, sans boots and socks. 1,384 more words

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Vinyl Review: Paula Cole, Ballads - Uncanny and Reverent

I listen to a lot of albums across every genre.  From Peter Gabriel to Beyoncé, I have found myself jumping between genres, while hitting every step along the way. 807 more words

2 Key Questions for Church Leaders

When was the last time you bought a vinyl record? For some of you the answer is never. For a lot of you that remember when Carter and Reagan was president, do you remember what it was like to walk into a record store?  1,240 more words


Vinyl Review: Nina Simone, Baltimore - Still Speechless

Some artists you can’t figure out. These artists are often the ones I skip over when I’m choosing someone to write about. If I can’t emotionally get my mind and heart wrapped around their music and voice, how could I put words to it? 587 more words

SONY To Begin Pressing Albums Again Next Year

After putting the breaks to pressing vinyl in 1989, SONY will return to making albums next March in Japan, at a factory southwest of Tokyo. No word on what genres they will press. 130 more words


On Sundays when the dust seemed to float like flies around the windows

And the a month of dirt would stick to your feet when you walked…

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Vinyl Review: Coldplay, Parachutes - I'm Growing With It

I recently found out a friend is a really big fan of Coldplay, and that may be an understatement. He has seen them approximately 27 times since the beginning of their career. 587 more words