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Does This Question Make Me Look Dumb?

During one of my trips to Canada to visit my Toronto-resident daughter, I was introduced to a Vancouver-based indie rock outfit called Said The Whale… 1,031 more words


Liza Minnelli, New Feelin': She'll Do As She Pleases

For my fourth installment for Women’s History Month, I bring you Liza Minnelli! I was extremely excited to see her Facebook live event this week with Michael Feinstein. 646 more words

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Karen Carpenter: My Top 5

For Woman’s History Month I am going to predominately post over trailblazing female singers. I feel guilty that I did not write over many African-American artists for African-American history month, but February just got away from me. 538 more words

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Forgotten Albums

I went on a download binge of old music from my youth over the weekend. When I finished high school, I spent a year working full-time in a record store. 544 more words


Reba McEntire, Self-Titled: Humble Beginnings

I have been a Reba McEntire fan for nearly my entire life. You can read more about that musical journey here. When I began to collect records I knew I had to have every album she had released on vinyl, but there was one little hiccup. 503 more words

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Spinning Again: Vinyl's Comeback

Vinyl records faded into oblivion when compact discs (CDs) flooded the market in the ‘90s, but music connoisseurs and audiophiles held on to their precious 12″ believing that their analog babies will make their sweet comeback eventually. 287 more words

Vinyl Albums

All Sales are Vinyl

I was at a well known national bookstore chain tonight wandering aimlessly among the shelves hoping to find something not geared to a 20 year old (or younger).   958 more words