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NATO says Russian ground troops in Syria, Turkey's airspace violated again

Washington (CNN)Russian involvement in the 4½-year-old Syrian civil war seems to be escalating, with NATO’s secretary general confirming Tuesday a second incursion by Russian planes into Turkish airspace and saying Russian ground troops were in Syria as well. 1,100 more words

Daily News

Violated By My Physician

Violated. Assaulted. Exploited. Abused. Used. Invaded. Stalked. Preyed on. Humiliated. Conflicted. Shamed. Watched. Erased. Annihilated. The list goes on. How can one person, one single human being, cause another to feel all of those things? 56 more words


I’ve hurt you so badly
I don’t even want to say sorry
Because no amount of remorse
Could ever undo the hurt

Damages done
Don’t have a press rewind button… 51 more words

The Heart


Embarassing things happen all the time .You either laugh , cry or blog about it .It was early in the morning and my bladder kicked in.It happens on occasions when I am extremely sleepy and tired and comfortable.You are having one of the best sleep you have ever had in your lifetime.So I fight the urge but the sleep starts getting interrupted by the nagging sensation of wanting to pee.I enter the bathroom , turn on the lights .Pull up the door and I start  peeing.My room mate walks in pulls open the door .My va jay jay is violated and the shock and panic and the urge to scream cover up , roll up and die is strong.I have never been so violated in all my life . 59 more words


I Feel Violated But Not Sure If It's Actual Rape?

This situation is really hard for me to explain as I m not one for feeling like a victim in anything I go through. I m more of a f*ck it, learn from it kinda person but .. 85 more words

The best girl in the world

In my novel Billy’s Bones, I based Tom’s dog, Shadow, on my own dog, Kumar. In Violated, Derek’s quiet, aging dog was also based upon one of my dogs — Lady. 868 more words

Jamie Fessenden

What we mean by the term "rape culture"

I’ve recently been watching a Netflix series called Hemlock Grove, and while there are several moments in it that make me cringe and wonder if I really want to subject myself to it, one in particular stands out. 795 more words