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The best girl in the world

In my novel Billy’s Bones, I based Tom’s dog, Shadow, on my own dog, Kumar. In Violated, Derek’s quiet, aging dog was also based upon one of my dogs — Lady. 868 more words

Jamie Fessenden

What we mean by the term "rape culture"

I’ve recently been watching a Netflix series called Hemlock Grove, and while there are several moments in it that make me cringe and wonder if I really want to subject myself to it, one in particular stands out. 795 more words


Should We Treat Our Sister Like a Harlot?

Any tragedy can mark us but when Jesus touches our lives He takes what the enemy meant to destroy us and turn us into another testimony of His goodness! 593 more words

24/7 Prayer

To an almost something -

You may not know it but you were the inspiration for this blog. I’m so confused by what happened between us — I don’t know how to come to a true understanding of what we were. 1,273 more words


"Violated" is now available!

My new novel Violated has just hit the shelves! And the early reviews are pretty good. Check out what Caroline had to say at Prism Book Alliance… 416 more words


Reintegration is a Trope

Integrate means to become one, to make into a whole, or make part of a whole.  Reintegration therefore means to once again become part of the whole of society.   275 more words


Ivana Speaks, and The Daily Beast Slinks Off With Tail Between Legs!

By Sack Roamer

Consider this one story by the Daily Beast that got trumped. From Breitbart:

The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak and Brandon Zadrozny woke up on Tuesday to find that CNN completely embarrassed them.

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