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The “BGI” Theory, The Internet Extortionists’ Plan To Destroy It, And The Kendrick Johnson Investigation – Part 2

A Noticeable Pattern

While the George Zimmerman case was pending, in November 2012, there was the killing of Jordan Davis at the hands of Michael Dunn. 1,059 more words

David Piercy

David A. Graham - "A Grand Jury (Mostly) Backs Marilyn Mosby on Freddie Gray's Death" - The Atlantic

“Mosby didn’t offer any comment on the dropped false imprisonment charge on Thursday. Earlier this month, I spoke with David Jaros, an associate professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, who noted that a false-imprisonment charge in a case like this was unusual.

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... Why Does Lois Lerner stay Silent ?? ...

.. it is not because that she is afraid of being prosecuted ..

.. there is an ObamaCrap crony who is in charge of the IRSgate investigation . 637 more words

Personal Opinion

'I Know My Rights': Woman Jailed After Filming Traffic Stop

Evan Bernick

February 22, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Brandy Berning spent the night behind bars. And it’s all because she knew her rights, and insisted that they be respected. 507 more words

Arrested in my home, no warrant for my arrest. No case has been filed with the D.A. as a result of these charges. The police warned to arrest me if I go back home after getting out of jail, I will be arrested trespassing!

My Third Incident Story:

    Sunday evening, 6:30 PM, In Jan 2014, Los Angeles County California: My house was surrounded by at least 10 police cars and helicopters over my home with spot lights beaming through every window in the house and a police officer on a bullhorn shouting for…

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Illegal Eviction


“When an individual is targeted they are subjected to a constant “negative environment” campaign which has been given the name”Organized Stalking”. Everywhere a targeted individual goes in public they are tracked and surrounded by by angry, hostile participants. 222 more words

1 Million Have Signed Petition Against Zimmerman

So far, one million people have signed online petitions by the NAACP . The petition calls for federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. 110 more words