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Sexual Harassment in the Children’s Book Industry

An incredibly powerful article by Anne Ursu, that details the harassment workers in the Children’s Book industry experience. A reminder that we have a long way to go…..


Ten children removed from filthy California home were waterboarded, hit with crossbows and BBs, prosecutors say | Fox News

Hetero Loco is once again left speechless by the crimes of heterosexuals against the youngest, most vulnerable humans.

Ten children removed from a filthy California home in late March were waterboarded and hit with crossbows, among other violent acts, Solano County prosecutors said Wednesday.

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Heterosexual Couples

Tuesday Open Thread | Steve Schmidt: There is blood on Trump's hands

After the death of 58 Palestinian protesters, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt says Trump is using incitement to shore up his base — consequences be damned. “He destabilized the region with not having any clue what he is doing.”

Open Thread

Churches Can No Longer Hide Domestic Violence

Source: The New York Times

By Julia Baird

Ms. Baird and a colleague published a series of investigative articles last year that looked at how Australian church culture intersects with domestic violence. 174 more words

The Muslim Times

The Uncertainty Principle

Moral humility is born out of uncertainty. Bertrand Russell, the great British philosopher was inspired by John Locke. Locke always emphasized that all knowledge is uncertain.   281 more words


Rihanna is Safe for Adults? | She Needed Money

Fire Fridays, ill be posting some music, film or other entertainment I really like. If I have an entry on Sounds of Samples or I See Good Things may post that here. 122 more words


To Own or To Rent ? Whittle, Ott & Green | Links I Like

In todays Links I Like  post, Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green co hosts of Right Angle discuss the change in how Americans and others use, obtain and purchase things. 93 more words