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Original Piety

As opposed to original sin, I mean. It’s not about piousness.

Fight or flight is an important choice, clearly important enough to find a central place and a lot of real estate in the decision-making organ. 901 more words

Safety and Security and Nature Metaphors

Sure, in that order, too.

Safety, I want to say is a state of not having to worry. Safety would be the certainty that one could fall asleep out of doors and wake up intact, so, in a time and a place where unreasoning predators have been banished, and the human beings around you practice a live and let live attitude and have enough to eat that you are not seen as a resource they must exploit. 1,142 more words

Red Dead Suffragettes: When violence against women is reflected in our culture

As a parent to a child who plays video games, I’m concerned by the content of the games. So far we’ve had a great deal of control over the content our child is exposed to. 103 more words


Can artificial intelligence help stop religious violence?

Source: BBC News

By Mark Easton Home editor

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Software that mimics human society is being tested to see if it can help prevent religious violence. 71 more words

The Muslim Times

Gnasher Jew Emboldened Nazis

I am a survivor of child abuse. I am a survivor of multiple attempts to assault me, from the ages of 10 onwards. I have dedicated my life to ending sex abuse, and have been committed to it in my work and beyond. 448 more words


Not Yet the Death Rattle by Marcia Mount Shoop

I have had the honor of sitting vigil with dying people. And I have prayed through the coming of the death rattle. It can be painful to witness, especially for those witnessing death for the first time. 1,050 more words


Why Hate?

It’s an organizing principle, war, as stated by Sutherland’s character in JFK. It’s something for us to do, something for us to dream about, plan, strive, measure our relative usefulness regarding. 2,422 more words