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Red Flag: Why Isn't The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America?

Red Flag: Why Isn’t The Media Reporting On Racial Violence In America

Seems every time I’m on Twitter or Facebook, I see a video of a white woman or a white man yelling profanity. 548 more words

Failure To Listen

WIRE e-bulletin #245 - Facing down Racism

Julie Kun, WIRE CEO wrote the following in an email bulletin. I needed to share with you her concerns as they are a reflection of my own, as I listen incredulously to the casual racist rhetoric pouring out. 500 more words


Domestic Violence thru the eyes of a Child

Tears started my day, who knows what triggered the thought of this post and song.  M

Original post 4/26/2015

I witnessed my mother beat emotionally and physically everyday, it created chaos in my young mind. 95 more words


Chicago police have made arrests in only about 27 percent of homicide

‘Ain’t nobody been locked up. And they ain’t trying to solve nothing.’

Source: The Washington Post

By Wesley Lowery

August 30 at 8:00 AM

CHICAGO — Deangelo Norwood had been in the hospital for three days when the detectives appeared, asking questions about the man who had shot him in the stomach, chest and wrist. 99 more words

The Muslim Times

First-Time Podcaster: "Just a Chat about Africa"

Consider this podcast a quirky bucket list item completed for me. Another international relations scholar and I recorded a conversation we had about African history and politics, largely about history, and here it is. 110 more words


Four Cases of Conflict Over Resources: #4 Social Contract Failure in Nigeria

This is the final case study of four, including Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, that demonstrates one of many explanations for conflict. Social theory in a nutshell: We follow laws and pay taxes and do what the government says in exchange for protections, … 1,209 more words