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Malaysia says OIC will push Myanmar to halt Rohingya crisis

Source:Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia’s foreign minister said Wednesday that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is expected to call for a halt to violence against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority and for the safe return of refugees. 99 more words


Fault Lines - For Women Who Were Always Told We Were To Blame

Fault Lines

I am 22 and I go running at night

I am armed with pepper spray and wield keys like blades

I text my friends, tell them to check on me in an hour

And most nights pass without issue, 

Some dogs scare me, some dumb teenager wolf whistles at me out his window

One night, I am followed

Who knows what he really wanted, maybe he was just going in the same direction

But I run like hell, I am so scared. 954 more words
Diversity & Equality

The Promise Flies

Sanitized licentiousness and savagery – promised by forked tongue
What else is in the deal? Stars, moon? Eternal forgiveness … yes
And when the music stops with wet blood upon hands… 67 more words


Remembering 2016

… and it looks like the future of this country will be more militarism, more discrimination, more violence, more Fascism, and less freedom for the common citizens let alone for anyone who might be considered less than a patriotic Christian land owning white male oligarch. 22 more words


Slight Detour

Your words, my words – projectile weapons
Nothing heard above the noise
Once weathered laborious handsome face
Long ago was that opposition – smooth, poised grace… 71 more words


Mexican Vigilantes Fight the Drug Cartels

By Marquise Nichols

When government officials don’t put an effort into solving crimes, the community might take matters into its own hands.  This is exactly what is happening in cities across Mexico. 512 more words

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