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The folks at This I Believe have now put up the audio of me reading my essay “The Power to Forget“, as part of having it included in their weekly featured essay podcast, as I… 188 more words

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What's God Got To Do With It? by Esther Nelson

We’re no longer shocked, albeit still horrified and sickened, by the images of violence that come at us daily from all around the globe.  I’ve come to expect it.  1,155 more words


The Difficult Truth: "Terrorists" are also Human by Hanadi Riyad

This past month Jordan has witnessed a lot of grief, as well as a certain shift in politics and popular opinion regarding Da’esh and the government’s position towards it. 1,026 more words


No Absolute Box

Bicker so very politely
Emotional, somewhat valid utterances
No matter that logic is annoyingly subjective
Place all in a no absolute box
Liberal is bathing in a Godly heartfelt sun… 53 more words


Do video games negatively affect you?

by Christopher King | March 13th, 2015

Oh, I know. We’ve heard this tired shtick before from Jack Thompson in the 90’s, 479 more words

Video Games

Michoacan’s Most Wanted Drug Kingpin: Mexico’s Hot Land (Dispatch 1) -Vice News Published on Mar 9, 2015

Mexico has nabbed the leader of the infamous Knights Templar drug gang, and now the territory he once controlled is up for grabs.

VICE News travels to the contested Mexican state of Michoacan to find out whether the power balance will shift following his arrest.


Rape in A Man's World

We live in a patriarchal, male dominated society. This is a fact. Children typically receive the last names of their fathers, not mothers, and it is clear to anyone with eyes and a sense of reality that men are at a more advantageous position in this society (as far as I know, relatively few people lobby for the erasure of men’s reproductive rights). 1,217 more words

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