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Feminism - updated

It’s never going to work.

I mean, not the way we understand it, not the way it’s framed.

I’m going to give you a bunch of theory – OK, that seems a stretch, a bunch of… 662 more words

A Year Down Yonder


A Year Down Yonder

by Richard Peck

Age: 11+

Interests: Great Depression, small town life, grandparents, high school, poverty, bullying, romance 539 more words


Cameroon: Nigeria's Crisis Next Door

There has been little media coverage of Cameroon’s 2016 Anglophone insurgency against the Francophone majority, when separatists declared their own state of Ambazonia. English-speakers near the Nigerian border constitute 20% of the country’s population and have long complained of political and resource marginalization. 406 more words


While the geneticists are telling us the old Nature/Nurture debate has been made obsolete or been solved, depending who you talk to, I just went ahead and solved it. Part #4

Now that’s a long title, but it’s a great Tweet, isn’t it?

This is convergence, this little essay, for me this is where all the major threads in my mind come together: the ancient classic dialogue, human behaviour, child discipline, and yes – even trolling. 1,658 more words


The kind of “bad” we are born isn’t sin, it’s just what we see when we see a baby, a mammal baby, a human baby: helpless, sweet, loving. 271 more words

The "Few Bad Apples" Meme

First of all, this meme idea, am I right? I don’t know how we ever managed without it, it’s like finding out what words are. If you don’t know it, look it up, it was Dawkins, I think. 375 more words

A Tribute: To All the Boys I've Feared Before

I’ve travelled and lived around the world for more than 20 years, and pre-hetero-and liberal deprogramming, I dated and friended extensively among the non-white international male (and female) community. 857 more words