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Taking the Time to Consider

I recently read about a 15 year old girl who had a premature baby in her bedroom. The baby was born alive, weighed 2+ pounds and the girl threw the baby out the window. 589 more words

Scale of sexual abuse in UK universities likened to Savile and Catholic scandals

theguardian: by Sally Weale and David Batty —

Stories of more than 100 women shared with Guardian expose pattern of harassment which remains largely hidden… 1,458 more words

The Muslim Times

I Offer My Life To Save The Life Of My Childen and Grandchild

This is an open letter to police officers:

As your blood thirst for killing black people continue, let me volunteer my life to save those of my children and grandchild. 118 more words

Failure To Listen

Are certain African leaders anticipating their own bad behavior?

The African Union is still considering a mass withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), which would be disastrous for human rights.  The ICC can prosecute individuals for international crimes such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, particularly in circumstances in which the country of the crime is unable or unwilling to do so. 169 more words


Remember, Unarmed = Safe

Some are reasoning that unarmed equates to lack of threat.

Following this logic, since women use weapons more often in domestic violence situations, does this make them more dangerous? 769 more words





by William H. Armstrong

Age: 12+

Interests: American history, racism, poverty, violence, dogs, family

Other books about racism and American history: … 267 more words


Danger Pay

When I was 17, I did my time at McDonald’s. Working at Micky-Dee’s is a right of passage for Canadian teenagers. I stayed for 6 months, and left for another job after a) they raised my shitty pay at the same time that minimum wage went up in my province and called it my ‘scheduled wage increase’ which I was supposed to get after 6 months probation (funny how my ‘raise’ still meant that I made minimum wage…), b) they refused to give me training on other stations than the standard ‘chick position’ of ‘window’ (taking orders inside the restaurant) despite multiple requests, and c) one of my fellow employees terrorized me one night during closing, for which… 1,444 more words