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Ever Wonder Why? By Karen Leslie Hernandez

Note: This piece contains mention of violence, stabbings, shootings and death.

I’ve had a lifetime of wondering WhyHave you?

This last month has left me asking… 1,643 more words


Of Snakes, Genocide and Women by Guillermo C. Garcia

On February 23rd 2018, President Trump addressed CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference). He put aside his written remarks again and spoke extemporaneously for seventy-five minutes on other issues, including immigration. 1,331 more words


The Equal Justice Initiative National Lynching Museum

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) plans to build a national memorial to victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama, which is expected to open in 2018. This memorial project relating to America’s history of racial terror and lynching will become the most ambitious in the nation on this topic. 652 more words

Open Thread

The High King


The High King

by Lloyd Alexander

Ages: 9+

Interests: fantasy, magic, war, violence, bravery, coming of age, ethical dilemmas, romance 895 more words


No Vaseline

Dick’s Withdrawl

The NRA has been screwing the American people for a long time.  A very long time.  Many, many years. Decades.  With lethal consequences.  What’s the latest body count? 305 more words

Republican Party

While the geneticists are telling us the old Nature/Nurture debate has been made obsolete or been solved, depending who you talk to, I just went ahead and solved it. Part #7

Now that’s a long title, but it’s a great Tweet, isn’t it?

This is convergence, this little essay, for me this is where all the major threads in my mind come together: the ancient classic dialogue, human behaviour, child discipline, and yes – even trolling. 1,971 more words

Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn't read its lessons on violence

Source: Independent

By Qasim Rashid

The permission given in Quran 22:40-41 to fight in self-defence was not only granted to defend Muslims from persecution, but to defend Christians, Jews and people of all faiths from acts of terror like those committed by Isis today… 44 more words

The Muslim Times