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How Perjury in Restraining Order Cases Is “Incentivized”

“Perjury in restraining orders is actually incentivized, not only by failing to prosecute it, but by allowing one-person hearings (ex parte) to get the orders originally, a super-low burden of proof to issue orders, no juries, a judiciary which actually gets training from feminist groups about the need for issuing orders, no rules of evidence to keep out unreliable phony stuff like hearsay, and much else. 513 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Chronicles of Restraining Order Abuse (March 2016)

What follow are a selection of personal accounts of false accusation and restraining order abuse posted to the e-petition, “End Restraining Order Abuses,” in the past 30 days. 577 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

No One Is a VICTIM Just because S/he Says S/he Is: A Reminder for Reporters…and Other People Who Shouldn’t Need Reminding

I looked at a form I was handed a couple of weeks ago at a criminal arraignment I was ordered to attend. The form gives the impression I was supposed to sign it, which no one asked me to do. 637 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

“No Stigma Zone”: A Case for VAWA Grants’ Being Issued to Provide All Government Offices with Dictionaries so Their Employees Can Look Up Words like “Stigma”

I had occasion to visit the city prosecutor’s office on Friday. The decor was sternly clinical. The only ornamentation was some small posters on a bulletin board under glass (which was probably there to protect them from cynics armed with Sharpies). 331 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Sanders Work On Native American Issues

A Sanders campaign consultant for Native Americans, reminded people of all Sanders work as the co-sponsor of the  2013 Violence Against Women Act.  The Act featured an unprecedented increase in sovereign jurisdiction of tribes over non-Indians. 189 more words

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Claims and Counterclaims Mass Incarceration

Feb 25, 2016 (San Diego) We have had many claims made by the Hillary Clinton Campaign that Bernie Sanders voted for the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994… 718 more words