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The Salesman (Asghar Farhadi, Iran 2016)

Victim of an intruder, a woman not only suffers a psychological trauma, but has also to deal with her husband who seeks vengeance because his honor and status have been shattered.
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Hold Space

When I was 7 years old I was sexually abused by my 16 year old cousin​ until I was 9 years old​. It’s hard to process if he was the first, but he was the last that I remember. 541 more words

Media representation of violence against women: what's the situation in Scotland?

This blog is the first in a series in which Claire Simpson, PhD student at the University of Stirling discusses the results of her media monitoring project. 853 more words

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एक प्रश्न

क्या है — पवित्रता – अपवित्रता की परिभाषा?
समझ नहीं पाती मैं
यह प्रश्न तो सृष्टि के प्रारम्भ से ही है
कभी सीता ने पूछा, बाद में द्रौपदी ने
और निर्भया पूछती रही — अंतिम साँस तक
पुरुष कितना भी जघन्य अपराध करे
सदा पवित्र ही रहता है . क्यों?
किसने दिया उसे पवित्रता का यह सर्टिफिकेट?
नारी पवित्र है – जब तक अनछुई है
उसे छू कर अपवित्र करने वाला तो पुरुष ही है.
अगर पुरुष पवित्र है तो उसका स्पर्श पाकर
नारी की पवित्रता दुगुनी हो जानी चाहिए
पारस के स्पर्श से लोहा सोना बनेगा
अपवित्र थोडे ही होगा
सदा से ही अनुत्तरित है यह प्रश्न
क्या इसका उत्तर कोई दे पाएगा?
कल जब गुडिया बडी हो जाएगी
तब क्या वह भी न पूछेगी यही प्रश्न?
मुझ अबोध को अपवित्र करने वाला
पवित्र क्यों कहलाता है?
कितने भी कानून बना लो
एकाध को फाँसी पर चढा दो तो भी क्या
पवित्रता की यह परिभाषा बदल पाएगी?

April 27 Event – We Believe Survivors of Canadian Mining

We Believe Survivors of Canadian Mining

 ~An evening to explore the intersections of extractive industries and violence against women~

Join IPSMO, OPIRG Ottawa, and ProtestBarrick as we take an international, national, and very personal look at violence against women, as we find solidarity in the similarity of these struggles. 262 more words

In Memoriam: Lesbian Murder Victims

An amazing blog dedicated to the memory of lesbians murdered.  Listening 2 Lesbians would like to thank the blogger who is doing this important work.  We will update this post as changes are made to the original blog. 47 more words


A brutal domestic violence case has shaken Silicon Valley and the Indian American community

It’s a storyline straight out of Big Little Lies: two powerful professionals, a vicious history of domestic abuse, the couple’s child witnessing the violence. But unlike in the TV show, a real-life story of brutal marital violence in the rarified environs of Silicon Valley offers no neat resolution.  828 more words