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Shock Jock Anthony Cumia Cheers on Nazis; Mocks Women and the Disabled on Twitter

After an extended absence I’m finally back. While I was away there were horrifying terror attacks in Europe, Donald Trump chose Mike Pence as his running mate and became the GOP nominees, and Milo Yiannopoulos was perma-banned from Twitter. 319 more words


No Honour in Killing

The first time I was introduced to the ‘internet sensation’ Qandeel Baloch, it was through a video of her proposing to a Pakistani cricketer. I scrolled through the comments, mocking her alongside a friend, seeing how most comments agreed with me. 655 more words

Scars Across Humanity 

A few days ago in the wee hours of the morning (3:45 to be precise) I was reading the news as I usually do when I can’t sleep. 1,044 more words

Social Commentary

Minister for the Status of Women visits Regina to discuss gender-based violence strategy

Violence against women exists in many forms, like domestic abuse and sexual assault. Federal Minister of the Status of Women Patty Hajdu was in Regina on Friday trying to answer questions on how to combat the issue. 498 more words


Dear Brave Dalit Lady of India

I read today that you have been raped. Again.  By five men – the same five men who raped you three years ago and were out on bail. 620 more words


In sewage Olympics Brazil is already champion

Admittedly, in the sewer Olympics, Brazil already has a gold medal. In a country where everything is precarious, are roads, hospitals, schools, security, economy. The Olympics for foreigners and wealthy Brazilians watch has excellent quality works. 251 more words