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A Call to Action: Why sexual and domestic violence organizations are crucial to the anti-trafficking movement

By Becky Owens Bullard

Over the past 6 years working in the anti-trafficking field, I’ve seen an enormous amount of positive growth in conjunction with many negative challenges.   1,296 more words

Violence Against Women

Behind the Smile

By Victoria Christie

From the writer:

Hearing about abuse is not easy, but listening and talking about violence is essential for the prevention of abuse against women and men. 488 more words


Revenge of the Nerds

The classic 1984 film is one that’s referenced plenty of times, a sort of touchstone for popular culture, one that seems to have become more prevalent even 30 years after its original release, if only because “nerdiness” now pervades our popular culture. 526 more words

Feds admit more needs to be done to help domestic violence victims; Tories vote down national plan

OTTAWA – Heath Canada admits it needs to do more to help women and children who have been abused, including better training for doctors and “improved evidence” on what works to prevent domestic violence, newly released documents show. 695 more words


16 year old girl in Guatemala beaten, bloodied and burned alive

Crowds of people stood idly by cheering on attackers while a 16 year old girl in Guatemala was barbarically beaten and burned to death in retaliation for her alleged involvement in the killing of a taxi driver earlier in May. 257 more words

Domestic violence: Australia’s silent epidemic

Madeline Link reports on Australia’s underfunded epidemic.

Domestic violence is now the leading preventable cause of death and injury to women under 45. At current rates, more than two women fall victim to death at the hands of an intimate partner each week. 397 more words


The Ongoing Struggle

I’m one of those people who get to ready news from Facebook and/or Twitter, thankfully the people I’m friends with or who I follow in social media post and share interesting things, and actually good reads most of the time. 404 more words

Gender Equality