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A huge win for young Bohra girls who were tortured for centuries making them undergo genital cutting, the #FGM called Khatna #Vaw

After Australian govt action, Bohra leaders take a U-turn on Female Khatna

By Asghar Vasanwala

After top Bohra leadership was subjected to jail term for conspiring in Khatna (Female Genital Mutilation) of two 7-year-old Bohra girls, and Australian Government threat to take further actions, the Bohra Dai, who boasts of command over Farishta (angels), and who promises Bohras of holding their hands and take them into Jannat irrespective of their deeds, his bravado has crumbled under this threat. 548 more words

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'औरत के हक़ में' औरत

‘औरत के हक़ में’ औरत।
‘फ़ास्ट-ट्रैक जस्टिस’।
आत्म रक्षा में
कानूनी अधिकार का इस्तेमाल,
हथियार की तरह।
समझो! इंसाफ लाज़िम है।
‘जीना है तो, लड़ना होगा’।
(Times of India, 12.02.2016, Page 17)


If Jian Ghomeshi gets away with what he did, plaintiffs may have no one to blame but themselves.

The closing arguments in the trial of Jian Ghomeshi will be presented tomorrow in Toronto. Then, of course, comes sentencing. This will finally bring to an end a tempest that has been raging in the CBC teapot for more than a year. 1,191 more words

From Memphis to Oklahoma City: How Black Women have led America’s Organized Anti-Rape Efforts

The Memphis Riots of 1866 are of deep historical significance as they mark the first documented case in the United States on an organized effort to combat rape. 686 more words


Relatos del Tribunal: La primera semana de audiencias del caso Sepur Zarco

Por Dania Rodríguez*

[Read in English]

El camino de la justicia para las mujeres q’eqchí, sobrevivientes de violencia sexual y doméstica en el destacamento de Sepur Zarco finalmente ha llegado al inicio del debate oral y público el 1 de febrero de 2016. 2,779 more words

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Weary by Wednesday: Jet Lag

I am really Weary by Wednesday today. I returned several days ago from visiting my daughter and her family in California and I’m still suffering from jet lag. 96 more words