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EUREKA ! ! !

Not many men are aware of the fact that they are rapists! Say what now?! Yes, after publishing the post on Rape, it sparked an off air discussion, that sought to get me to accept that submissive rape does exist along with other pointers. 819 more words

Affairs Of The Heart

Interplay between politicized mass media and women's bodies

While mainstream media outlets have been condemning sexual harassment in the past period, it did not recognize how much the media shapes public culture and perception, how much the media actually contributes to this phenomenon. 1,788 more words


Hundreds of expert recommendations on violence against Indigenous women and girls go unimplemented

An alarming study released today shows that governments in Canada have repeatedly ignored expert recommendations to stop violence against Indigenous women and girls.

Researchers with the Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women reviewed 58 reports dealing with aspects of violence and discrimination against Indigenous women and girls, including government studies, reports by international human rights bodies, and published research of Indigenous women’s organizations. 754 more words



It burns you up
On the inside
Like acid
In your heart

Ego and Pride
It eats you up alive

Gnawing at you everyday… 118 more words


Why Are Men More Violent Than Women?

In the fight between good and evil, men more often side with evil than women do.

Whether it is in acts of personal violence such as rape or murder, or group violence such as rioting, gangland murders or war, men play a role far that far exceeds that of women. 1,129 more words


Today’s post is all about safety. As a woman whether single, married or otherwise, you are a prime target for crime. The statistics are staggering. 458 more words


Consent Culture: What is it Good For?

(inserts are taken from writings from the time of the events)

There comes a point where you must ask not ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?” but,”Why do bad things happen to people to whom bad things always happen?” 783 more words