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"Faceless" in a Crowd

Trigger warning: contains comments about sexual assault and violence against women.

“ It requires something more than personal experience to gain a philosophy or point of view from any given event.

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What to do when Jealousy & Anger show up in relationships

The conventional way to deal with jealousy and anger is to just either run away and hide or to fight back. It’s the classic fight or flight response. 532 more words

Violence Against Women

Fayetteville NOW Domestic Violence Awareness Event - 12/3/16

Fayetteville NOW does an annual wreath-laying ceremony to promote better awareness of domestic violence.  This is the eighth year that Fayetteville NOW has done this ceremony and lays a wreath on the grave where domestic violence victim Beryl Mitchell is buried. 312 more words

Violence Against Women

Video: European Blood but Born on Turtle Island

This video addresses an obstacle I am facing with our North American culture to transfer the father’s name to the child automatically. Adding my name to my daughter’s after a divorce is much more difficult than I could have ever imagined. 49 more words


Powerful and Inspiring: Ashley Judd on Ending Online Gender Violence

“It started the minute I went online.” Ashley Judd has been on Twitter for six years, and for six years she has endured unrelenting abuse at the hands—the typing fingers, to be specific—of misogynists.

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Campus Sexual Violence, Misinformation, and Mismanagement

Trigger Warning/Content Note: As the title suggests, this essay and the associated videos and links discuss sexual violence on U.S. college/university campuses. Please exercise self-care when choosing to read this essay. 1,742 more words

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How To Remove Parasite-Type People From Your Life

When you have found out that someone in your life is seeking to just go for their own motives with you and zap you from your life energy, at some point you will have to notice this and when you notice this you may also decide you no longer want parasite-type people in your life effecting your health and well-being. 274 more words