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On "Lightly Beating" Your Wife

Yesterday the Council of Islamic Ideology, an advisory committee on all matters Islamic to the Pakistani Government (which was only meant to be formed for ten years but has never been disbanded), … 897 more words


Trump & the Trickster: What Do We Really Believe About Women?

Trickster figures are stock characters appearing in myths and stories from all over the world. Like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the trickster moves across traditional boundary lines, causing chaotic events to unfold by exposing what is hidden, often through reprehensible behavior. 596 more words

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[Press Release] Commission on Human Rights Issues Resolution on 'Rape-Joke' Case -CHR

Commission on Human Rights Issues Resolution on ‘Rape-Joke’ Case

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) today released its resolution on Case No.
2016-078 involving the complaint filed by women leaders against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte… 504 more words

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Indonesia Introduces Chemical Castration for Sex Offenses Against Children

Indonesian judges can now force men who commit sexual offenses against children to be chemically castrated, after President Joko Widodo issued an emergency decree in response to what he called a “crisis” of sexual violence against children in the country. 237 more words

My chat with Miriam Onwochei-Garcia on her volunteer experience in refugee camps.

This week I interviewed Miriam Onwochei-Garcia about her experience of volunteering to help with the refugee crisis in Calais (the jungle) and Dunkirk, with a particular focus on the vulnerability of women in these camps. 1,672 more words

Kashmir - Misogyny compliments military oppression


As the dust of propaganda surrounding the recent Handwara incident finally settles, many things have come to fore. The facts have revealed themselves, inevitably, notwithstanding sustained efforts by the state machinery to dilute, distort and when it wanted fabricate a narrative that suited its objectives. 1,105 more words

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Susan and her Boots

Guest post by Anne Sutton, MA, LPC, HAVEN 

The story of Susan, her children, and her boots demonstrate how HAVEN’S services can be woven intricately into the fabric of a family’s life. 534 more words