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Sexual Abuse: A Three-Year-Old's Story

Recently, a friend told me that her friend’s older child fell and needed stitches. She asked her brother to watch her 3 year old daughter while she took the other child to the hospital. 74 more words

Personal Growth

After Dark by Haruki Marakami

I found this in the new book stack at the library, back when it came out. I recognized the author’s name and picked up the book. 257 more words

Book Review

The Hermafrodite

I walk in. House smells like orchids. Beyond that, a mess.

Lights on, the mirror, clothes off: ripped t-shirt, big red stain; sports bra. Sweatpants are a size bigger because I like it that way. 354 more words


Smeared: "Lipstick" (1976)

       “LIPSTICK”     (1976)

What is it about certain truly bad movies and their ability to provoke heated (as opposed to passionate) and angry (as opposed to intelligent) argumentation (as opposed to debate) in a way that few exceptional films lend to similar occasions of provocation?   318 more words



Sometimes computer actions become applicable to my life… “force quit! … FORCE QUIT!” I state at my laptop computer while an article on my website browser decides not to allow me to shut… IT… off. 1,653 more words

Funding for domestic and sexual abuse services inadequate

An article from the Irish Examiner

The demand is huge and growing, a result of both high levels of violence and increased awareness. In 2015, 9,172 women and 3,383 children received support from a domestic violence service, and, in 2014, 18,926 calls were made to Rape Crisis Centre helplines, while 1,913 people participated in counselling and support. 43 more words