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"Teach her how to say no"

This phrase, “teach her how to say no”, is one that I see so often when violence against women is discussed. Mostly it’s concerned parents, fathers with young daughters, who claim that’s what they’ll do, they’ll teach their little girl how to say “no”. 885 more words


Making headlines – why language matters when reporting violence against women - by Kirsty Strickland

Journalist Kirsty Strickland (@kirstystricklan) writes for NUJ Scotland about the importance of use of language in news headlines to raise awareness of violence against women and dispel common myths and misconceptions as part of the Stronger Voice for Women in the Media project. 1,071 more words

Pope Francis Assails Scourge of Femicides in Latin America

Pope Francis denounced femicides and other gender-based crimes that have turned Latin America into the most violent place on Earth for women, calling Saturday for legislation to protect them and for a new cultural mindset as he visited one of Peru’s most dangerous parts. 629 more words

Atrocities Against Women


I’m super mad. It’s the beginning of the year and I want to smash 100 French women in the face. 100 French women, artists, writers, celebrities, public figures, who published a collective article in “ 2,608 more words

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5 Ontario women have allegedly been killed by men in their lives in 2018 — and it's only January

Five Ontario women have allegedly been killed in acts of intimate partner or domestic violence in 2018. And while that number is shocking, experts say it’s not entirely unusual. 913 more words


What's there is your self defense kit

What do you think are the potential defense tools for women? Accessories like hair clips, safety pins, rubber bands, or stationery items like pencil and pen, door keys, tweezers, scissors and sometimes even nails come in handy. 696 more words