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March links: Remembering Suzette Jordan, the India's Daughter fracas, Jerry Seinfeld and more

Why Suzette Jordan’s voice mattered:

Suzette Jordan leaves an enormous absence, but hopefully, it’s one that we will fill with the necessary conversations about how to survive as a woman in a society that’s being struck by a backlash against women who are wriggling out from under patriarchy’s thumb.

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The Emotion Extinguisher

I saw a dance-theatre piece by Pina Bausch on Wednesday, called “Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehört” (‘On the mountain a cry was heard’). 706 more words


One woman raped during Orange Crush chaos

Tybee mayor vows to shut Orange Crush down permanently

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. — Right about now, Mayor Jason Buelterman, who abjectly refused to allow a portion of the beach to be clothing-optional, needs to be re-thinking that option. 784 more words



    Mengikut kajian pakar-pakar dalam ilmu kemanusiaan, keganasan rumah tangga boleh berpunca daripada proses tumbesaran seseorang dalam keluarga yang terdedah dengan keganasan. Seorang anak yang membesar dalam suasana ibu atau bapa bersifat ganas, maka besar kemungkinan anak tersebut akan mewarisi sifat ganas itu. 303 more words

Violence Against Women

Stop Telling Women To Smile | FILMS FOR ACTION


Stop Telling Women to Smile is an art series by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. The work attempts to address gender based street harassment by placing drawn portraits of women, composed with captions that speak directly to offenders, outside in public spaces.  50 more words


Toni Morrison interview: on racism, her new novel and Marlon Brando | Telegraph

“This world is interesting and difficult,” she would say. “Happiness? Don’t settle for that.”

This particular article by Gaby Wood tributes Morrison like no other I have read. 210 more words

African American

On violence against women (part three): rape, evolution, and the dangers of partial truths.

This is third in a series.  Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Were you sired by a jerk?  Don’t worry!  You can still be good! 1,875 more words

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