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Violence in Video Games


It’s a topic that deserves some thought, even if you’ve already come to a conclusion. 2,399 more words

Game Development

The Hatred That is Gamergate is Legal—The Threat of Violence is Not

It’s kind of weird to see the mainstream media attention about “Gamergate” this week, since I’ve been reading about Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian for months. 1,146 more words

Hatred: More Boring Than Brutal

Last week I was introduced to a trailer for a game called Hatred. Though it began with the protagonist reciting uninspired hyperbole about “human worms” while loading an assault rifle, it quickly took a tangible plunge. 551 more words


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

In the UK today it is fairly uncontroversial to suggest that the newspaper The Daily Mail is …. 1,735 more words

All is Fair in Love and War

This fascinating dichotomy is representative of pretty much the human condition in a nutshell. These two concepts are indelibly linked with one another, and in a way they describe every story that’s ever been told. 626 more words

Video Games, A Guardian Angel?

Video games are plagued with the accusations of being the reasons for several problems in society,  from laziness to criminal offences. Is this a fair judgement, when actually the engrossing worlds helping some to forget their worries. 471 more words


The Possible Walking Dead GOTY Edition and What It Means for Parents and Gamers Alike (GameSkinny)

Nothing says fall like a good Halloween scare, and nothing scares quite as well as zombies. With that in mind, Telltale Games is reportedly releasing a Game of the Year edition of Season One of The Walking Dead. 94 more words