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The heroes of Holocaust-memory - a thought

“As Holocaust-memory increasingly turns around heroes, martyrs and their innocent and edifying image as its central focus, it begins to worm into aesthetic pleasure: especially in the popular media and school curricula.”  17 more words

Boundaries And Spaces

How will we remember them?

just a note that someone did this research (a while back):

Anna Denise Wilkinson How will we remember them? : a content analysis of juvenile world war 1 Anzac literature, 1914-2000, available to New Zealand children… 31 more words

Violence In Literature

Poem for ANZAC Day

by Judy Raymond

Anzac poppy, 
small and sweet,

crushed beneath the soldiers’ feet.

Fragile petals,
red as blood,

spilled upon the Flanders mud.

Ref: p268 Ed. 278 more words

Contexts Of Childhood

Violent Shades of Sewage

With the current popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, both the trilogy and the movie, I have begun to notice in some online journals, and in some student writing, an uptick of stories about violence against women. 836 more words

Short Stories

The Village

Just in passing in terms of communicating World War I… The Village tells the story of an English village during WWI. It is moving and wonderful and kind of smothers you in the feeling of those ‘at home’ during the war. 18 more words

Violence In Literature

The textuality of human experience

“…a narrative approach conceives of human experience and action as a text (e.g., Ricoeur, 1984).”  ~ Phillip L Hammack, p.64

“The narrative concept links the stuff of thought and feeling with documents of life – life stories, speeches, media representations, cultural artifacts accessible on paper or online, and the like. 230 more words

Support Structures In YA Literature

One of the gems of narrative

“One of the gems of narrative is that it anchors concepts often viewed as abstract – ideology, identity, collective memory, social practice – in an empirically accessible product: the story. 194 more words

Support Structures In YA Literature