Atheistic Moral Relativism

One of the topics I find fascinating, and about which I’ll probably do a little writing now and in the future, is Christian apologetics – the various strategies Christians use to argue a) that their beliefs are true; and b) that the beliefs and worldviews of others are false. 1,820 more words


Christian Stockholm Syndrome

I’ve been asking myself lately just what it was that kept me so fervent and loyal in my commitment to conservative Christianity in the past, given the deep ambivalence I always felt toward some of the disturbingly wrathful parts of the bible. 1,160 more words

My Story

A Personal History of Hell

It’s not the sort of thing I’ve ever been willing to say out loud, except maybe confiding in shushed, trembling tones to trusted bible camp counselors after an emotionally manipulative revival service: but yes, I’ve spent a good portion of my life utterly terrified of hell. 1,099 more words

My Story