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"World History is Not Flat, Every Continent has its Own Timing": Francisco Landazábal

Bogotá-based artist and entrepreneur Francisco Landazábal is the director of World Brokers, a diversified business dedicated to leveraging IT capabilities (particularly data centre services), mitigating global warming (through green energy solutions) and “bringing beauty to everyone” (with fine art initiatives). 2,583 more words


Can anosognosia help explain some public acts of violence?

Anosognosia has been traditionally discussed when explaining why patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Perrotin et al., 2005), Schizophrenia (Gerretsen et al., 2015), and various lesions (Moro et al., 2016) have resulted in the patient lacking awareness of the functional deficits associated with their disease or affliction. 1,457 more words


What Is Happening to Our Young Men?

What is happening to young men? Why do so many of them feel their only option is to mass murder innocent people?

This most current incident in Toronto has me disturbed. 372 more words


ICE aids and abets femicide in Central America

“A lot of people believe they are free because they are not detained or imprisoned, but they’re locked inside their hearts and minds.”

 –Yesica, 22, detained by ICE since 2016… 440 more words



One certain morning, guns came into their lives. They woke up thinking it was one of the morning greetings for the ruler. With jubilation they went out to join the parade, alas, their dreams got wounded. 161 more words