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Territory and Violence

People are so territorial with all of the gun violence in the world today it comes down to one thing. Territory gangs from here and there trying to leave behind the gang land legacy. 47 more words


Over at Nerds of a Feather, for our series of DYSTOPIAN VISIONS, I got the chance to write about dystopia, violence, and writing with my friend (and very awesome rhetorician) Philippe Meister. 34 more words

Cam'ron Says Mase Turned Into A Pastor To Stay Out Of Violence

Oh Boy, don’t we all love a good Insta Live Video with former Dipset member Cam’ron. Ma$e shocked us all when he decided to put the mic down and decided to start rapping for the Lord.  250 more words


She had marked her territory. He was her man and she wanted to make sure all the other women knew it. So, she insisted that he didn’t hang out with his female friends anymore. 514 more words


What do many lone attackers have in common? Domestic violence

[D]esperate profiling plays to people’s desire to believe we should be able to spot terrorists. But while rent-a-gobs flail around naming and shaming Kent and drunk teenagers, it is telling how rarely one feature common to many “lone wolf” attackers is called out: a history of domestic abuse. 208 more words


Overcoming Hate

‘What is wrong with our weak country? Our paramedics treating the guy who has just killed our people. He should be left to die or dragged out into the street and finished off.’ 282 more words


The casualties of xenophobia

The President’s nationalistic rhetoric and scapegoating of racial others, not to mention his habitual reliance on unverified information, have sown panic among immigrants. I’ve often asked myself lately whether I’ve been right to suspect that people were looking at me differently on the street, at airports, or in elevators.

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