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Choosing a companion in the past, was a decision made for intending couples by their parents, relations or guardians; but presently the free choice of friends that leads to courtship or marriage now predominates. 343 more words


Demonize, Dehumanize, Familiarize.

How many of us train with either of these three types of mindsets?

Have you considered the fact of how they might have adverse effects on your psyche and by extension, your actions? 671 more words

Antifa and Domestic Terrorism

Most Americans only know of Antifa from its frightening appearance in the mainstream media: from the organized occupations of government buildings, to the violent destruction of private property… 548 more words

United States

How is it...?

I wonder what opinions will be ventured about this particular statistic?


Blessed are the Peacemakers

There is something about peacemaking that approaches wholeness and holiness.  Jesus’ blessing for peacemakers mirrors His own character as a peacemaker.  Thus in this month to reflect on the place of violence in our times, here are a few choice insights from Wendell Berry on… 256 more words



This might be late by a span of a year, and most likely everyone has already seen it by now, but I will still go ahead and review the movie anyway. 2,487 more words

Movie Review

The Completely Different Viewpoints of Men and Women on Domestic Violence

At the end of October 2018, I went to the monthly meeting of my local branch of the political party I’m a member of. I’m not hugely political, mostly because talking about politics is a good way to lose all your friends when you realise they think in a fundamentally different way to you. 1,076 more words

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