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America’s Turning Point - The War on Police

“Officer-directed Violence”

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, BCFT, CFA

Forensic Criminologist/Police Practices Expert

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Let’s see a show of hands. Every one of you who recognize these names raise em up. 1,913 more words

Black Lives Matter

All things fall and are built again

A personal note: posting has been light this August, and will likely continue to be so in September. I spent the last few weeks moving into a new apartment for the sake of a new job, which will involve a few weeks of intensive training in September. 473 more words


Making Guns our God

I agree with the basic premise of author Mark Lockhard’s recent post on the Sojourners website entitled “Making Guns our God”:  Claiming that the best response to “the other’s” (real or imagined) possibility for violence is to have an equal or greater capacity for violence of your own is not in line with any flavor of Christian thought (thoughtless Christianity exempted). 544 more words


On the Pursuit of Vegetarianism

In a recent discussion about implementing the value of non- violence into my day to day practice, I had some kind of light bulb, epiphany moment. 194 more words


Fairy-Tale World

(August 16, 2015)

“I live in a fairy-tale world,” she tells me. Sitting on the stoop watching a cameraman and a media woman asking questions across the street, this is why she says she’ll never do an interview: “They ask what to do about all them killings; I’ll tell you what: people ‘round here need some serious counseling. 296 more words


We're all human?

Migration is hardly out of the news at the moment. There is lots in the media about the increase in the population of the UK due to incoming migrants, bringing up all the old questions about how many people these islands of ours can hold, what these people are entitled to etc etc. 434 more words


Bang Bang

(July 3, 2015)


I pause, quiet, listening for more. Tonight, I pray that there will not be another added to the homicide statistics. I remember reading those before moving in, but it’s different when a shooting occurs right around the corner and your pastor speaks of cleaning blood off the sidewalk. 321 more words