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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE ... (Politically Uncorrected)

Your news snacks for the past week; select as pleases you:

The Obama Administration ordered that goods originating in Gaza or the West Bank cannot be labeled as made in Israel. 747 more words


A Challenge to the State’s Monopoly on Violence Through Armed Conflict

Prime Minister David Cameron speaking on sky news has actively spoken out against the proliferation of what he calls ‘spurious legal claims’, directed towards British Military Veterans who served in the Iraq Conflict. 952 more words

A different kind of terror, a different kind of peace

I celebrated an unexpected long weekend recently by enjoying my solitude.

This may seem wrong in a way.  But to me, solitude is the same thing as freedom and I find that to be something worth celebrating, precisely because not everyone in this world has it. 375 more words

The Demon Within


i ran into a bit of danger on my way to the café in Cambridge from where I type these words. i was crossing one of those impenetrable intersections near Harvard Square and I did not know how to navigate it… so I followed a group of people crossing ahead me… meanwhile someone is blasting their horn and I thought, gosh, I hope he is not honking at me (I can recognize the genders of car honks). 91 more words

Unchained: Fear of Going Ballistic in a Public Place

Here I am in a well-visited bookstore. I sit with a book on one knee (The Name of God is Mercy by Pope Francis) and my smart phone on my other, typing this. 233 more words


Who is With Me? Who is Not With Me?

Actually, if all of us lived in the same locality, it would be best for everybody, if none of us was to answer.  It isn’t that I don’t want to know which of my neighbors I have to live in fear of.   1,133 more words


People Magazine and the Palin Familiy: A Perfect Match

The truth be damned!  With the Palin family, it is always about media attention, rather than making any attempt to reveal the truth.  It seems that People Magazine has now embraced that philosophy.   683 more words