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Earn yourself

Whatever you do or think has a consequence in the real world. Our body and mind are connected, what we feel influence our thoughts and what we think affects our feelings. 326 more words


Women Of War | Youth Ki Awaaz

All the wars in the world, covering distant geographical spaces, many a times not even connected by land, yet they all have one same story to tell as they… 7 more words


Donald Trump is a Coward

Another of the long standing traditions in Washington will be ignored by Trump. The relationship between the press and the president is always contentious. Any man or woman who seeks the presidency has made his or herself a target for criticism. 432 more words

Urban Planning and Violence: Cause or Catalyst for Change?

This paper argues that exclusion and violence are imprinted on the social and spatial fabric of cities and neighbourhoods, and that social and political divides are often manifest in the control and policing of public space. 69 more words

Urban Issues

Children are the victims as a mother who cannot cope lashes out

At around 5 o’clock on 25 February 1866 PC John Watkins (303) was called to attend at a house in Prince’s Row Square, Soho. In the 1860s this was a rough area of the capital and violence was part and parcel of everyday life. 549 more words

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Ah, there’s nothing like a horror movie remake to get you though the holiday season, is there? Especially when it’s a remake of a weird movie that isn’t really that well-known in the scheme of things. 895 more words