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The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter

It is well known that Disney has a tendency to romanticise fairy tales, but more often than not these fairy tales have a much darker history. 484 more words

Aka Manah

I am not exactly sure of when the idea popped into my head. It grew slowly like the moss on the stone and it crawled up my scrawny frame like a poisonous creeper. 2,415 more words


Steamy Games on Steam (And Other Concerns with Quality Control)

Dear Reader,

With the release of House Party onto Steam this week, Steam hosts it’s first game purely based on sex with interactive sex scenes. Sure… 533 more words



She moved with the sinuous grace of a dancer or a thief; sleek and deadly. Her eyes were wide, feigning innocence. Hiding secrets… She licked her lips, as if she liked the taste of blood. 216 more words


Someone Should Have

So, don’t tell her that she only has one mother and that this is time she can never get back. She will grimace at you like you have three heads and proceed to educate you in a reality you know nothing about. 1,393 more words

Imagine This, but with Guns...

One of the most common counter-arguments from people who oppose any form of gun control is that people will kill people with other “tools” if guns are not around. 414 more words


Kick Ass? Yes it really did!

This is a tight piece of comic book storytelling, it’s controversial as the protagonists are children, in fact Hit Girl is 10 years old and both are involved in graphically violent incidents and I really don’t care that it’s “Now a Major Motion Movie” 400 more words