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The Vampire's Mail Order Bride: Kristen Painter

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. *A link to purchase will be added once book is released*

Meet Delaney a waitress who works at a place linked to the mob through rumor only, or so she thinks. 117 more words


Why Hatred Needs the Free Press

Hatred, a game by Destructive Creations, has garnered an immense amount of attention due to its controversial subject matter: and it needs it. Video game violence is nothing new: since video games started getting graphics that were no more than a few pixels on the screen, attention has been brought to their incredibly violent nature. 423 more words


Health factors influence ex-prisoners' chances of returning to jail

Ex-prisoners with a history of risky drug use, mental illness or poverty are more likely to end up back behind bars. Those who are obese, are chronically ill or have attempted suicide are more likely to remain in the community. 398 more words


The new normal? Addressing gun violence in America

Mass shootings have a significant impact on our individual and collective psyche, especially when they happen at schools. Despite the fact that children die every day from gun violence, school shootings upset us in ways that are difficult to comprehend. 612 more words


Silk Road's Ross Ulbrecht -- Prison for Life?

I was reading about the sentence that was handed down to this guy Ross Ulbrecht — sentenced to life in prison. He started a website where people could buy and sell drugs anonymously called Silk Road. 361 more words


Coiling Dragon new chapter

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CD Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 31, Blessing, Curse

Olivier’s group had in total twelve people. They entered a restaurant, then headed to a corner of the restaurant and sat down at three round tables. 768 more words


Shen Yin Wang Zuo New chapter

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Chapter 58

Chapter 59