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Having Courage Does Not Mean Exercising Violence

After yesterday’s post and considering the emotional, financial, and physical violence that we (my daughter and I) have suffered at the hands of some family members, I feel the need to define cowardliness.   223 more words


A passionate Christian voice for abolishing the death penalty

Ted Grimsrud—October 20, 2016

A review of: Shane Claiborne. Executing Grace: How the Death Penalty Killed Jesus and Why It’s Killing Us. San Francisco: HarperOne, 2016. 963 more words

Peace Theology

Driving Out the Demon: Lawrence Responds to the Jones Shooting, Part Two

When someone shot Sheriff Samuel Jones in Lawrence, unofficial headquarters of Kansas’ free state movement, the people of Lawrence knew they had a real problem on their hands. 607 more words

Road To War

Everyday Invalidations "I am trying to build a relationship here!" he yelled

I almost fell off my chair when I heard this come out of the other office on Wednesday.  We share an office with another small company that sells stuff, I don’t know what but is is stuff.   92 more words

Once Were Warriors

Plot: Jake often drinks and takes his anger out on those around him, including his wife, Beth. She is often at the other end of his fists. 629 more words


Beware Of Turning Into The Enemy You Most Fear

(torn from the side of a paper cup)

Beware of turning into the enemy you most fear.
All it takes is to lash out violently at someone who…
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