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A Mounting Campaign, C.A.S.K.

On Saturday, July 30th, C.A.S.K. again put its boots on the ground on the corner of Frasyer Blvd. and Watkins Street in its continuing campaign to bring about a reversal in senseless murders that are happening in our city everyday. 195 more words

Don't Kill; Think!

OCD and Crime

Man arrested after Jo Cox shooting is ‘obsessive compulsive who rubbed own skin with Brillo pads’ relative claims.

The above statement is a  recent headline from the… 442 more words

Mental Health

Impact via the Symbol of Death

Brother Andrew Lee Gillard and Sister Nataki Ajanaku lead the procession from corner to corner.

Goto: http://www.CommissionAgainstSenselessKillings.com then join us and chip in $5.00 to help in our 2017 campaign against senseless acts of violence.


The Orlando Killings & Inner-city Killings; is there a Difference?

Facing our deadly uncivilized reality is causing many to rush in categorizing inner-city homicides as simple black on black crimes. These types of killings would never grab the headlines or force us to search into our souls for answers. 476 more words

Violent Crimes

Most Violent Crimes Are Wrongly Linked to Mental Illness

Despite the fact that most people with mental illness are never violent, news stories about violence often focus on whether a person’s mental health problem was responsible, according to a new report. 367 more words

7 Wounded in Chicago Shootings and 2 More Killed

7 Wounded in Chicago Shootings and 2 More Killed

edited by Kai EL’ Zabar

Shots fired early Sunday in Grand Crossing  brought the Chicago police to the spot where they found a silver car in an overgrown alley with the engine running and a man shot dead inside. 710 more words