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Violent crime on rise in Baltimore in last month blamed on police cutting down on arrests

BALTIMORE, MD – The dynamics of a seesaw are not hard to figure out: when one side goes down, the other side goes up.

It is not a difficult concept, and it seems to be one playing out in Baltimore after the death last month of Freddie Gray, injured while in police custody. 316 more words


Man shot on W. 46th after interceding in argument

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WJCL) — Violent Crimes detectives are investigating the shooting of a Savannah man after he interceded in an argument between two others in front of his West 46th Street house Sunday night. 127 more words

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“Authentas” in the Greek Septuagint: What did this word mean in the Bible that was read and often quoted by the Apostle Paul?

I’m doing a series of blog articles on the meaning of the word “authentein” (1 Timothy 2:12) in ancient literature. So far, I’ve looked at the use of “authentes” by Polybius to mean “perpetrator of a massacre.” I then looked at the use of “authentas” by Diodorus Siculus to refer to a group of men who supported an attack on the Roman Senate and perpetrated a murder. 373 more words

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Appeal Granted: Order of Bail Forfeiture Reversed

John Doe was on trial for Armed Assault with Intent to Murder in Suffolk Superior Court. The shooting was alleged to be gang affiliated and occurred in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. 249 more words

Violent Crimes

Case Dismissed: Habitual Offender Breaking and Entering

John Doe was indicted as a habitual offender for Breaking and Entering into a bar in South Boston, Massachusetts. He faced a sentence of twenty years mandatory for this crime and was indicted as a habitual offender because this was his third felony of three years or longer. 154 more words

Violent Crimes

Case Dismissed: Violent Assault and Battery

John Doe was arrested for unarmed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. Mr Doe had allegedly placed a victim in a headlock, choked her, threatened to kill her, knocked her to the kitchen floor and repeatedly banged her head on the kitchen floor. 210 more words

Violent Crimes