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CPD: Violent Crimes Have Decreased In The City

CHICAGO (CBS) — New numbers released by the Chicago Police Department show a big drop in violent crimes across the city.

This March had 17 percent fewer shootings than March 2017. 78 more words


Attorney Veronica White in the News for Defending Client Accused of Manslaughter

White & Associates’ client Kevin Otto, the owner of Atlantic Drain Services, faces manslaughter charges after two of its workers drowned in a flooded trench. 168 more words

Violent Crimes


Picture this in your head a sibling or a cousin of yours wearing shackles, shackles big for them. Imagine a sibling/cousin being escorted to a big metal cage and you watch, as the door slams right in their faces. 170 more words

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Violent Crimes: Black On White Murder AKA Black Supremacy!

I found this to be of importance when it comes to documenting race hate crimes by RACE! Just the tip of the iceberg but this should prove without a doubt that the “marked Black” by God race…has it’s own unique Satan inspired DNA which is their “nature” not only here but in Africa…the so called cradle of civilization AKA “ShitHole”! 60,761 more words

Brain Damage Could Explain Violent Crimes, But It's Not Always a Simple Defence

Where do we draw the line?

Four years ago, Chelsea fell head first onto the hardwood floor at her college. She had a seizure and stopped breathing, causing an anoxic injury – when the brain is damaged from not receiving enough oxygen. 2,229 more words


Grandparents Day

While violent crimes can  be experienced by just about anyone, we like to focus a lot of our attention on our youth. Too many young men are being cut down in the streets before they’ve even had a chance to mature. 31 more words

Case Dismissed: Possession and Assaulting a Police Officer

John Doe was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute and several counts of Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Assault and Battery on Police Officer, after he was illegally detained by the police in Brighton, Massachusetts. 155 more words