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Christmas, Kids, and Call of Duty

Rexis here!

(not up there… I’m not the baby…)

The holidays have come and gone and we are adjusting to the real world again. It’s time to get back to work in an attempt to replenish our bank accounts. 746 more words

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Do you like to hurt people?

(Warning: semi spoilers for hotline Miami)

I’ve been replaying Hotline Miami and I’m just loving it. I thought I’d talk about why I like the game and just generally recommend it to anyone interested in video games and the ins and outs of what makes a game fun. 213 more words

Blame bad science on profit-making journals

Imagine you’re a scientist. You’re interested in testing the hypothesis that playing violent video games makes people more likely to be violent in real life. This is a straightforward theory, but there are still many, many different ways you could test it. 1,067 more words

Do video games make people violent?


This is a question asked by many people and the way you need to think about it is would a video games make you violent. 274 more words

Adam Lanza's "Score Sheet" Spreadsheet is a Hoax designed to Stereotype Gamers

For years, news writers have been claiming Adam Lanza created a massive 7 by 4 foot spreadsheet detailing previous killers murders. The article that it  first was mentioned in had massive anti-gamer stereotyping in it, claimed it as a “gamer score sheet”, mentioned a bullshit “code of a gamer” which says it’s preferable to kill  yourself then to be caught, and other nonsense. 258 more words

Moral Panics