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Violent Video Games and its effects

Violent Video Games and its effects

Kevin Aubrey G. Kato

CIIT – College of Arts and Technology

For years people like the media, parents, and teachers have been doing the blame game on violent video games. 1,838 more words


Measuring aggression, the effects of violent games (and other media)

According to Anderson et al. (2010) there is a link between violent games and aggressive behavior. However, that meta-analysis has been criticized. In addition, studies have found little evidence that violent games relates to violent behavior in real life, for example, as aggravated assault or homicide. 668 more words


Violent game effects?

This is not anything like systematic review, but more notes for myself.

The long debate of how violent games effect on behavior. Anderson, et al. (2010) argue that there are violent games increase aggression and lower empathy: 807 more words


Ban Violent Games And Movies!

I guess this is a little follow-up from my Land Of The Free article after the Vegas shooting last year.

After the upsetting yet (lets be honest) unsurprising school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month. 874 more words

Little Bits Of Gaming

5 Changes Trump Should Make To Violent Video-Games

Donald Trump, the president of The United States of America, has recently made some alarming remarks.

While this may not be news, the fact that it could drastically change video-games is a biggie. 593 more words


Violence and Empathy in Videogames

I chose to read Designing Games to Foster Empathy this week, which gives practical heuristics for eliciting empathy in videogames. Two major premises include inducing empathy at the offset – either through explicit instructions to try and connect to the story or characters, or through more subtle storytelling techniques – and engaging both cognitive and emotional forms of empathy. 246 more words

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