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Report Parents Because of Violent Video Games?



Are we seriously back to talking about how video games cause violence in “young and impressionable minds”? I don’t know about you out there, but I grew with the good ol’ treasure trove of M-Rated games. 500 more words

Video Games

Do video games create violence? Wrong question

The question should be, is violence really the best thing to do with video games as a medium?

Errant Signal claimed in one of his videos… 497 more words

Re: Killing as the default in games

Loosely in response to a video and Polygon article, I’d like to make a couple points about why “killing” is so often the basic gameplay mechanic in best-selling video games. 1,233 more words

Christmas, Kids, and Call of Duty

Rexis here!

(not up there… I’m not the baby…)

The holidays have come and gone and we are adjusting to the real world again. It’s time to get back to work in an attempt to replenish our bank accounts. 746 more words


Do you like to hurt people?

(Warning: semi spoilers for hotline Miami)

I’ve been replaying Hotline Miami and I’m just loving it. I thought I’d talk about why I like the game and just generally recommend it to anyone interested in video games and the ins and outs of what makes a game fun. 213 more words