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How to Encounter Phrases of Music with Sudden Dynamic Changes

The article in the link below by cello Professor Miranda Wilson, gives useful practice tips on how to carry out the sudden dynamic changes found in Beethoven’s compositions. 230 more words


Looking For A Violin Teacher?

Do you want to learn violin professionally?

Are you looking for lessons conducted at your place?

Or are you going to a teacher’s place to learn? 57 more words

Learn Violin Lessons

16 Good Violin Practice Habits

  1. Stretching

Before starting your daily practise routine, you should do a series of stretches just to lengthen your muscles and keep them flexible so as to prevent any unwanted injury.  3,242 more words


When to Start Music Lessons

I am asked all the time what age is best to begin music lessons.  Parents want the best possible start for their child, and knowing the best time to begin is an important part of ensuring commitment, growth, and success in learning any instrument.   685 more words


3 Steps to Find the Best Violin Teacher

If you have decided you want to learn to play the violin, or you already play but need a better teacher, then this post is for you.  497 more words


What makes a good Violin Teacher? Can I Learn the violin all by myself without formal lessons?

I sometimes get this question from friends and people I meet with existing violin teachers or if they are looking for one- How would they know if the teacher is teaching the right content in the lessons? 542 more words


The Violin Teacher

The Violin Teacher

Brent Holmes

Does life experience make the artist or does practice? Sergio Macho’s The Violin Teacher shows the struggle out-of-touch teachers and underprivileged youth face when trying to approach music and the arts. 475 more words

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