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Wednesday Music on a Sunday: Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 1

You guys, I totally fell off the blogging bandwagon this past week. I don’t know what happened, as I wasn’t especially busy or anything. I just was reading a lot and somehow forgot to blog! 204 more words


Small Violin

Hey guys I know this blog is not very interesting but I hope you still like it. I went round my mums friend house and her daughter is learning to play the violin and well when I saw it I thought it was so cute because it was so small, so I took pictures of it. 12 more words


Journey 122: The Violin

Mom and I made the trip home this afternoon, back through Kansas to Joplin. With us on this return trip were boxes of treasures: mementos of my aunt’s life, keepsakes that belonged to my grandmother, and great-grandmothers, all graciously given to my mom by my cousins. 516 more words

Year Of Journeys


3月末からバイオリンの先生探しを開始して、本日は、3人目の先生にお会いしてきました。 3人それぞれ個性がありますが、これまでの中で 今日お会いした先生が、一番理想に近い先生でした。 過去6年の鈴木式で、基礎と年齢以上の表現力を身につけたアヤカには、バッハやベートーベン、ドボルジャークを是非紹介していきたいということと、個人的なプロジェクトへの協力も約束して下さった。

やはり、人々の評価よりは、実際にあってみて、相手のエネルギーを感じる事がとても大事だと,改めて実感しました。 今まで霧の中をさまよっていたのが、今日は霧が少し晴れて、行き先が何となく把握出来た様な感じがします。



Honouring Matilda Mae on 2nd May

Today a Royal Baby was born. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William, welcomed a beautiful baby daughter this morning, 2nd May. I was so happy for them and it made me surprisingly uplifted and broody, too! 790 more words


This delightful afternoon was arranged by Jeremy Chiew, and it turned out to be quite a gathering of like minded individuals. We sight-read a wide variety ranging from Schubert, Bruch, to Bowen, and Piazzolla. 101 more words



An evening of restless anticipation before the musicians get to perform. The jolly good times these fellows had backstage in their dressing rooms, the jokes and laughter. 74 more words