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Just David is just dumb

Eleanor H. Porter produced Just David, a male version of “the glad girl,”  three years after Pollyanna.

The similarities are striking; the differences work to… 208 more words


Various Violin Virtuosity

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time (as in, any more than about twice), you’ll know I’m a sucker for a good series. 501 more words


Getting lost in the music of Colm Mac Con Iomaire...

Every so often I find something magical in the world of music and it’s important to me to share it on my blog. This time, it’s an absolutely stunning piece of music by… 167 more words

Bow Hold Aerobics

How do you get your young string players to practice their bow holds without getting bored, looking at the sky, talking to their neighbor, etc? Have them stand up, shake out their bow holds and participate in some bow hold aerobics or as a colleague of mine likes to call it “String Crossfit.” This very effective exercise can begin as only a minute long warm up and expand into three or four minutes depending on the attention span and energy of your group. 762 more words


Bow Hold Bunnies...Old Fashioned?

The age old analogy for teaching young students how to hold the bow is for them to “make a bunny shape with their right hand” (middle fingers over thumb) and “wiggle the ears” (first finger and pinky) and open and close the bunny’s mouth. 1,054 more words


Same angle, same time, but it's not same

By the way, why is the playing violin so hard? I wonder.

So, I tried when, or which part, I cannot play easily. If I play by open strings, I don’t get so tired compared to unopened strings. 49 more words