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Life continues in the end.

The simplicity of this statement belies its profound meaning. Though aren’t all really profound things like that? Last month I completed a silent Vipassana meditation retreat in central MA. 625 more words

It just takes breathing

​Is there something that helps depression?


Is there something that helps anxiety?


Is there something that helps epileptic seizures?


Is there something that helps schizophrenia? 201 more words


Tuesday, July 26th

Next Tuesday we will be starting our wander down A Path With Heart with the Introduction and the first 3 chapters of the book.

We invite each of you who plan to be there next Tuesday, to bring in an insight and a question from the readings… you can certainly bring in more, but we thought it might be more engaging if we all lead the discussion. 12 more words



After the endless steppe in Monngolia and some of Chinas airports I was very much looking forward to Nepal. I expected massive differences compared to Mongolia, and I wasn’t disappointed. 550 more words


Tout change, c'est la loi de la nature

Sur un niveau intellectuel, j’ai compris que tout est continuellement en changement et que de s’attacher à des moments et des sensation n’apporte que plus de misère. 138 more words


NOTES | 10 өдрийн Випашяна бясалгал 

Анир чимээгүй орчинд зөвхөн өөрийгөө сонсож, мэдэрч, өөртөө бүх анхаарлаа хандуулан суух арван хоног.

Бясалгалд сууя гэсэн бодол 12 сарын турш байсан ч тухтай байдлаасаа гарахдаа дургүй надад “за би сууна” гэсэн баттай шийдвэр гаргаж өөрийгөө ятгана гэдэг хүндхэн даваа байсан ч бүртгэлээ баталгаажуулсан өдрөө буцах гарцгүй болсон, амьдралдаа шалтаг биш үр дүнг авчрая гэсэн хатуу шийдвэрээ гаргаж чадсандаа одоо өөртөө их талархаж байна.

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Vipassana - the magic of silence

I’ve recently re-entered the speaking world after having spent ten days sitting in silent meditation with around one hundred other people at the Dhamma Mahi vipassana meditation centre… 2,388 more words