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A Rabbit as my Teacher

I’m in the 10-day meditation retreat. It’s day 6. There is noble silence, so talking is only allowed in emergencies. The emotional monsters and physical pains are coming and going, while I’m bravely training my mind. 395 more words


Offline, Off-phone, off book, off-pen for One Week

So I’m about to go on a Vipassana Retreat

First time.

You might have heard of Vipassana*  I had vaguely been introduced to it when every April during School Break and each summer during the vacation, a group of birkenstocked or barefoot walkers would appear on our school campus. 454 more words

Focus Techniques

Three Night Residential Retreat with Lisa Ernst

Making Peace: Being Self and Emptiness
Residential Retreat September 24 – 27, 2015
Sponsored by Red Clay Sangha
Sautee Lodge, Sautee Georgia

“Live in the nowhere that you come from, even though you have got an address here.” -Rumi… 203 more words


Renewing My License to Embrace Stillness & Enjoy Silence

As soon as you start to observe a mental impurity, it begins to lose its strength and slowly withers away.

~ S N Goenka

I attended a 10-day Vipassana meditation course in Aug 2014. 321 more words

Personal Development

Tuesday, August 4th

Next week is our 1st week, back to the beginning evening and last night we decided that the precepts were foundational enough that we will continue our exploration of the precepts with the 4th precept – Right Speech. 88 more words


Ajna orientation

Meditation works with various aspects of the human subtle systems, foremost is the chakras. Attention, concentration, and insight all use the Ajna center at the brow. 63 more words

Current Round