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Mate = Material(Body + Soul) = Self Possession = Making & Sharing > Slaves = Immaterial(Body + Souls) = Selfish = Using & Taking

It means a mate is someone whose body and soul is material to you and you have self-possession of your mate. 49 more words


You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts

You’ve probably heard that before, right? It sounds pretty simple and maybe sometimes it is, but at other times, nearly impossible. Why? Because for many of us, certain thoughts appear as unassailable “truths,” specific stories about our lives, about ourselves and others. 362 more words


Tuesday, May 26th

Next Tuesday we will be discussing the final three steps on the Eightfold Path that comprise the concentration section of the path: right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration. 99 more words


The Power of Stillness

This afternoon, I stood very still on the blue stone floor of my front porch, looking out the screen door at flowers and green and trees. 504 more words


Refections on Ceylon

As I write this a cool breeze sweeps over me, rustling through palms and mango trees, giving way to my final day in Sri Lanka. Its hard to believe how fast my time here has blown away. 842 more words


thinking about it

POSTCARD #128: Delhi: After I finished writing this post I went back through the draft and changed it so much I forgot how it originally started and how it ended. 930 more words

The 'now' Moment

Tuesday, May 20th

The third Tuesday of the month is upon us once more and so we will be sitting, walking and sitting – the evening will be silent. 22 more words