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Day 86 of 365 - My first Vipassana retreat (concluded)

I’ve woken very early this morning, seething in anger at the situation with my daughter and her mum back in the States. As I spend more time clean from porn, I’m realising that anger was one of the main emotions I was suppressing, because I now have a lot of anger coming up. 797 more words


Why is being bad so easy?

Why is being bad so easy as compared to good? I often ponder upon it. Anger is easier than forgiving someone. Greed is easier than being satisfied with what one has. 607 more words


Tuesday, March 31st

We’ll be having an open discussion so bring along any questions or insights you are enjoying. We’ll start with 30 minutes of sitting and have some sitting at the end – how much depends on what we find to talk about… 16 more words


Day 85 of 365 - My first Vipassana retreat

Today I think it is timely to talk about my first ten day Vipassana retreat, at the end of 1994, a few weeks before my 23rd birthday. 806 more words


Pháp thoại - "Thương yêu như thế nào để đừng làm khổ nhau"

Bài viết được trích từ ghi chép của chị Tánh Huyền An trong buổi chia sẻ “Thương yêu như thế nào để đừng làm khổ nhau” của thiền sư Minh Niệm. 3,548 more words


Kabab in Lucknow 

My destination this time was Shravasti.

There’s several roads connecting Sankasya via Farukkhabad and Lucknow to Sharavasti. Listening to local advice I took the road via Hardoi. 920 more words

Gathering the Bones

Meditation and mindfulness have been like an elusive jellyfish; beautiful and always slipping through my fingers. I operate along a spectrum from struggling to bring myself to crawl out of bed, to being creatively productive, and motivated. 678 more words