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Sitting in silence, day 10: make some noise

Noble Silence is lifted

We couldn’t start talking right away on day 10. Instead, the day started at 445 am with a required group meditation and chanting, after which we all headed to breakfast for our last one in silence. 1,485 more words


OK, so my departure will be on October 7th. I have found a ride with a returning student driving up from the Portland area. If she cancels I can leave on the 5th with an uncle of mine who will be returning home from here on that day. 266 more words


Having nothing to think about it's a good thing, here is why

Close your eyes for a moment and I dare you to completely quiet your mind. That’s right, dare you to be able to not hear or think of absolutely anything for at least one minute — better yet, 10 seconds. 653 more words



Last October I went on a ten-day silent meditation retreat.

If I’m honest, I had initially applied months before, hoping to impress a guy. By the time I actually got a place on this popular course, the guy was long gone. 1,247 more words

Tuesday, September 22nd

Next Tuesday we will be having an open discussion, possibly centered around this article.

Please share anything that you enjoy with the group.

The schedule is: 9 more words


Tuesday, September 29th

Next Tuesday we will be continuing our voyage through Tara Brach’s book True Refuge with a discussion of chapters 3 and 4. The chapters are “Meditation – the path to presence”, and “Three Gateways to Refuge”. 44 more words


Tuesday, October 6th

Next Tuesday for our Into The Basics series we will be completing our exploration of the Three Marks of Existence with an examination of Anatta (non-self). 56 more words