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Safety Net

Somewhere I read that …

God (Universal Force) does not give you a big challenge

without throwing a safety net under you.

That certainly has been my experience in many instances, 76 more words


Switching off 

a sketch I made on the importance of switching off everyday from everything and just being in the now.


Meditation Notes Week Ending 2 May 2015 - New meditation cushion and the best meditation timer app

27 May 2015

Energy coursing upwards once the thoughts get out of the way. I kind of wake up with the sensation I which was aware of through layers of thought, and now it’s a direct connection. 215 more words


Meditation Notes Week Ending 25 April 2015 - Using energy in a different way. A deep reset.

21 April

To be able to use the manic ‘browse internet for hours’ energy that’s scattered into one hundred things, to be able to use that energy to observe the body, and feel the very same energy in the body. 257 more words


Tuesday, May 5th

Next Tuesday we will be discussing the next three steps on the Eightfold Path that comprise the ethical conduct section of the path: wise speech, wise action and wise livelihood. 151 more words



Just sitting

With this splinter

Through my heart.

Oozing love

Like golden sap

Around its rough edges.

Heart and lungs

Work around it

Deftly, maneuvering, 104 more words


Vipassana Journey on the Land of Smiles-4. Chantaburi (PART E)

How was I supposed to notice that my most loved ones, those that sparked the most stunningly, would one day retreat back into the unfathomable void once and for all? 1,040 more words

Self Reflection