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Change or development and evolution ─ living yourself defenselessly 

To live our life in connection with life and by that in connection with ourselves, we are invited to welcome our unique earthly energy we embody, that energy we are, not that energy we would like to be, our ego or needy us likes to be. 1,446 more words

Personal Development

What am I Feeling? Yes, I do have to ask

I’m persisting in bringing myself back into today; I keep slipping into next week when I potentially have jury duty — wondering what it will be like? 190 more words

Practice Tools

Retreat over... Finally.

Yes, it has been an arduous 10 days. First few days was in resistance mode and thoughts like “Why did it sign up for this again?”, “How many days left?” pops up often in my mind. 49 more words


Transcendental Meditation really works… but it is still a scam.

When I tried Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and it actually worked I felt a bit like Gerald Creeson from the 2010 movie “Stone”. If you don’t know the movie, Gerald “Stone” Creeson was convicted arsonist who, while in prison, stumbled upon a modern-day religion called Eckankar. 212 more words


Samatha, Vipassana, Shikantaza - a practical comparison (it won't get any simpler than that).

It is not the purpose of this summary to show off my Wikipedia research skills, so let’s skip the part that speaks about origins, history and etymology of each meditation method. 248 more words


10 Days of Silence - Vipassana: My Experience

(German version below)

Wow! I can’t describe how happy I’m about this wonderful experience. Some people probably wouldn’t understand that at first since it totally is hard work – but it’s absolutely worth it! 1,295 more words


Meditation practice and family life.

I have realized that having a family puts me in a strongly advantageous position in my meditation practice:

  • Having a wife and small kids who talk to me non-stop, constantly demand my attention, use/lose/break my stuff, persistently stand in the way of my personal development gives me plenty of opportunities to practice equanimity.
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