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Tuesday, December 1st

For the first (back2basics) Tuesday of next month we will be starting another run through the online Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course offered by IMC. This is: 79 more words


Tonight's group meeting topic: Renunciation

This Thursday evening 26 November the Auckland Insight group continues with our study of the Paramis.  The Paramis are also known as the the Ten Perfections or qualities of the awakened mind, and Kim Beckford will be facilitating with the theme of renunciation. 61 more words

10a: Pure Energy and Fairy Dust

Each step of The Practice brings us to our self and, at essence, a human being is pure energy. We are the energy of compassion and love, the energy of pure genius and inventiveness, the energy of spontaneous expression as well as the energy of steadfast perseverance. 302 more words

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The Unlikely Yoga Teacher

If, when I was a teenager, someone had told me that I would one day be a yoga teacher, I’d have probably laughed out loud. 1,695 more words

Atheist Yoga

New Years Half Day Retreat

The Power of Intention: Clarifying Your Path for the New Year
Friday, January 1, 9 a.m. – Noon
12 South Dharma Center
Led by Lisa Ernst… 164 more words


Alan Watts - The Mind and Worrying

I’ve always found Alan Watts inspiring to listen to. When he speaks it sets off little explosions of insight in my head that feed my practice. 80 more words


9c. Brightly shining

We complete this week of Step 9: the three qualities of awareness-mind with three further synonyms: Radiant, Vibrant, and Smooth.

Each meditation has offered a particular exploration of the very nature of emotions, thoughts, perceptions, processes, and the very sense of self. 86 more words

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