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My Vipassana Silent Retreat Experience

Quite a life experience I had during this 10 day silent meditation retreat Vipassana.  I learned a wonderful meditation technique which I think is really great. 583 more words

Personal Development

The Need for Silence

Reading a disturbing essay by Andrew Sullivan this morning, shared by my wonderful friend Melissa Stiers Kretzschmar, that articulates so well why we need meditative silence. 610 more words

A Guide To Meditation

Vipassana Meditation Course: Part 8

Day 10: People

On the last day we are finally allowed to talk again. After 10:00AM we can once again speak to the people we’ve been living with for the past nine days. 767 more words


There are three types of actions: Mental, Physical and Vocal. It’s the mental action which is the real kamma, the cause which will give the results in future.

Vipassana Meditation

When someone is doing wrong to us?

Whenever someone is doing wrong, he harms others at the same he harms himself. If you allow him to do wrong, you are encouraging him to do wrong. 49 more words

Person is not a finished, unchanging entity but a process flowing from moment to moment. There is no real being merely an ongoing flow, a continuous process of becoming.

Vipassana Meditation

Consciousness simply notes down the raw data. Perception simply distinguishes, labels and categorises the incoming raw data and makes evaluation. Sensation arises as soon as the data is received, and remains neutral as long as the input is not evaluated.

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