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Tuesday, August 29th

Robert Wright has been in the news lately with his book, Why Buddhism is True. Here is a link to an interview on Fresh Air… 34 more words


23 Aug. Digging a hole.

I was very tired yesterday. Physically. I couldn’t think straight. I lost my mindfulness. I forgot about my practice. As a result my actions were pretty unskilful. 173 more words

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22 Aug. God damn you, Gabriel. And God bless you.

I missed meditation on Monday morning. Because on previous night I went to bed reading “One hundred years of solitude” with the intention to finally finish it. 167 more words

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Suffering in Silence

Cover story in CANVAS Magazine, Weekend Herald, August 10, 2013

(no longer available on the NZ Herald website)

by Derek Cheng

A pain burns up my leg to my knee, where it concentrates on the bone as if someone is holding a hot metal poker against it. 3,281 more words

21 Aug. Survival machine.

I meditated for an hour and a half on Sunday morning. Never again. Pure nightmare. I sat there focused solely on surviving the pain and the boredom. 313 more words

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Vipassana.. my new birth

Two weeks ago, I attended a 10 days Vipassana Meditation course that totally changed me, my perception of life and of reality. I consider this experience my second birth. 823 more words


19 Aug. I'm alright.

I had a plan to sit for 2+ hours straight this morning. But my daughter woke up early (both my kids have a serious sleeping disorder). 265 more words

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