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Vibrating Code

I’d been trying to feel my breath like the teacher described. The bridge to the deepest level of the mind, an involuntary and voluntary bodily process which you could train yourself to observe without interfering. 140 more words


The Bright Side of the Dark Night

The dark night is a series of insights in meditation also known as the “dukkha nanas” or “knowledges of dissatisfaction” in classical Buddhism. They are a series of stages where the meditator gets a good hard long look at suffering. 532 more words


How corporate misery led me to Vipassana

Asking meditators how they discovered Vipassana meditation will never get you twice the same story. I’m always bewildered by the course of events and unlikely “coincidences” that led someone to this path: the complex web of persons involved, the unlikely sequence of random events, failed acts, hesitations and postponements. 986 more words


The Dhamma Brothers (2008)

A great documentary about the introduction of Vipassana mediation in maximum security prison in the USA and what impact it has had on its inmates. 8 more words


India - Spiritual Capital of India

In a increasingly materialistic world, the shores of India promise a wonderful spiritual recourse to all those looking to discover their moment of peace.

The cradle of civilization, India is a spiritual capital of the world, having been  the birthplace of four major eastern religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. 525 more words



Hindu temple

At one point of our exciting journey we decided to calm down our mind, take a deep breath, leave our little possessions behind (wallets, watches, electronic devices, books, pens and papers) and live a monk life for 10 days in total: noble silence. 637 more words

Tuesday, March 3rd

For the first Tuesday of the new month we will continue our exploration of the 4 Noble Truths with a look at the Third Noble Truth. 111 more words