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28 Mar. Time change ruins my meditation routine.

Change to daylight saving time means I wake up an hour later – yup, the hour during which I usually meditated before leaving to work is lost. 146 more words


27 March. The finger and the Moon.

Last few days – usual routine. I think I now understand the importance of developing strong concentration as a basis of the practice. I was very focused on keeping my attention on the breathing/counting/body, not so much on observing thoughts coming and going. 90 more words


24 Mar. Concentration again.

I’ve been thinking about concentration a bit more, especially about the everyday applications of well-developed focus… like preservation of energy otherwise spent on re-living mental dramas and traumas. 119 more words


Working with anxiety

Often, the best of us find ourselves in a place where nothing feels possible. Sometimes, it happens almost every day – and living life becomes toxic, like a constantly ticking bomb. 755 more words


24 Mar. Concentration.

Finally, since a few days I get to practice again. In the morning awareness of the breath and the body. In the evening, when I tend to be tired and sleepy, counting out-breaths. 222 more words


Tuesday, March 28th

Next Tuesday we will be continuing our meandering way down A Path With Heart  with the next two chapters of the book:

Chapter 19 – Karma: The Heart Is Our Garden… 41 more words