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My Journey to Mindfulness: Part 2

It’s been raining a lot here at the monastery. Almost everyday it rains. Today, it rained from when I woke up at 5 am till just about now and it is already 6 pm. 1,531 more words


Virtue is like Rock

What is sila ?

  • Sila is good practice. A good practice is a practice that keeps one well and benefits one.

How does it keep one well? 220 more words


My Vipassana experience

Just some weeks ago, i attended a 10-days Vipassana Meditation Course in Bali. Such a unique experience.  I have to admit, I didn’t do any big research before I left for that adventure. 711 more words


Becoming human

This topic is one I feel particularly strong about. It is more or less the basis for all my training and I got the lesson behind it from a very small old man. 332 more words


My Journey to Mindfulness: Part 1

This is probably cheating but I’ve decided to write about my meditation experience here at the forest monastery in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. We are given a”free” time that we are supposed to use to practice meditation on our own but as I’ve seen some people use this time to write on their journal or take pictures of the monastery, I too, will be writing my thoughts and reflections on my phone’s notepad about my stay here so far. 1,020 more words


I am going to prove it

Why do they keep repeating this saying so many times a week? I’ve heard and read it thousand times a year from many sources. There must be a secret when one is truly soaked in the present moment. 6 more words

Vipassana Reflections, Part I - Peace.

Going through a 10-day retreat might seem like a relaxing vacation on the surface, but it can actually be an intense roller coaster with gruelling lows and blissful highs. 648 more words