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Catching up on LW S3

Catching up on the Living World Season 3 storyline – first chapter of Path of Fire.

[Viper] Hmmmmboy.

Me: I’m gonna walk Very Slowly on this treadmill for twenty minutes, then I’ll start my literature review paper.

Body: Good work exercising in spite of fatigue and tachycardia! 45 more words


When Flowers Bloom and Wings Spread: Chapter 1- Experiments

by Amelia K Bowers
April 20th is the day a baby girl was born. It is also the day she and many other children were stolen by VIPER. 648 more words



Haha, looks like we finally hit our ssSSCCRRRREEEEAAAAMMMM!! point, lolz.

All the fucking bullshit with the Research Methods in Psych class recently is making existence so much fucking harder than it already was. 1,158 more words


Dupes for Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick "Androgyny"

The shade “Androgyny” is one of Jeffree Star’s best selling liquid lipstick so here’s a swatch comparison.

From top to bottom : Jeffree Star “Androgyny”; Colourpop ultra matte “Tulle”; Colourpop ultra satin “Barracuda”; Colourpop ultra matte “Viper”; Colourpop ultra satin “Frick n frack”;¬† Colourpop ultra satin “Calypso”. 110 more words