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Hacen más potente al Viper

La nueva generación de Viper nos a sorprendido con su gran desempeño, pero esto no es todo lo que este modelo nos puede entregar, ahora nos viene a sorprender con su famoso modelo de carreras adaptado para poder ir a dejar a los hijos al colegio. 56 more words


Playing Favorites

I just love when a teammate plays favorites by gifting things to everyone else except for you. What I love more, is catching them doing it when they think you didn’t know.  20 more words


Post apocalyptic texture & city!! texture by: Viper!

Here is number one, complete.  Hope you like like bud!   I really hope I didn’t do to much and set the standard high    :/          (I kept it somewhat basic but its pretty hard to get half destroyed buildings to look good. 50 more words


The Viper ACR Promises To Be The Fastest Yet

Dodge has just revealed its fastest Viper yet, the 2016 ACR.

There is absolutely no doubt that this is a race car. What may surprise is the fact that the ACR is street legal. 431 more words


Moroccan Viper missing in Yemen

A Moroccan F-16 has gone missing over Yemen. Morocco’s state news agency, Maghreb Arab Press reported that the plane, one of six currently stationed in the United Arab Emirates for the campaign against the Houthi rebels, was flying alongside another F-16 when it suddenly went down. 102 more words