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Vipers Ep. 25

Ikenga couldn’t shake the premonitions he was having that things were going to go south. He didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. ‘All my brothers have been eliminated. 756 more words

Vipers Ep. 23

Immediately after the others left, Mike threw a grenade into the van and ran for cover. The explosion of the grenade, momentarily halted proceedings. ‘That’s the van Obi is supposed be in. 780 more words

Vipers Ep. 21

‘I hope this mission is not going to be like the last one?’ Cholo asked in a clearly annoyed tone. He was seated in Ikenga’s study wearing Ibo traditional attire and leather sandals. 755 more words

Vipers Ep. 20

Immediately the door opened, Obi pounced on the person standing at the door and they both fell to the floor with Obi on top of his assailant. 949 more words

Vipers Ep. 19

‘Musa, Musa. I always knew that as a smart man, you would make the smart decision’, Chike said as Musa entered the room. ‘You are not supposed to involve family members in this. 763 more words

Vipers Ep. 16

As soon as Chike and his men had settled in their rooms and rested for a while, Chike ordered his men to go to headquarters. ‘Just survey the place and ensure that there’s no danger lying ahead. 688 more words

Vipers Ep. 15

Chike was holding the secure phone when the call came in. He had been waiting to receive the report of the operation. ‘It’s done. I’ll need a passport and cash. 620 more words