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Spider-tailed Viper [VIDEO]

The specific name, urarachnoides, is derived from Ancient Greek (οὐρά tail + ἀράχνη spider + οειδής like), and refers to this snake’s spider-like tail tip, as does the common name, spider-tailed horned viper. 109 more words


Mean Girls Moment of the Day

I love when all the other reindeer don’t include me in their reindeer games.

Being left out can be powerful, especially when karma comes calling and you’re not on her shit list.

The Other Spitting Snake - Mangshan Pit Viper

The Mangshan pit viper (Protobothrops mangshanensis) may not be an elapid like the cobra, but it is found to be the only other snake species capable of spitting its venom. 672 more words


Deep Thoughts

Every time you enter the room, or even get near me, I try to make you burst into flames with my mind.
Oh well, a girl can dream, I guess.

Playing Favorites

I just love when a teammate plays favorites by gifting things to everyone else except for you. What I love more, is catching them doing it when they think you didn’t know.  20 more words

Dodge’s Legendary Snake Hand Built in the Heart of Detroit

Tucked in a Detroit neighborhood south of the famed 8 Mile Road is the birthplace of one of the most exotic American supercars on the road today – the Dodge Viper. 1,750 more words