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C4_TOKI 「藤岡幹大さんの葬儀,大村さんの話 ......」 2018/01/13 _ Viper‘s Web RADIO 収録

C4_TOKI 「藤岡幹大さんの葬儀,大村さんの話 ……」 2018/01/13 _ Viper‘s Web RADIO 収録

Vipers Ep. 41

Baba was at his office, clearing his desk. His swearing-in ceremony was a week away. ‘No need to do much. I’m still the one coming back to this desk after the swearing-in ceremony’, He said to himself. 935 more words

Vipers Ep. 40

‘I wonder if Obi has a hidden grudge against me. It’s not like I’ve not been embarrassed enough. As if having to beg Baba to accept me back as his running mate was not enough embarrassment, I now have to be present to see the look of triumph on Yemi’s face when you pay him’, Bayo said. 593 more words

Vipers Ep. 39

‘I don’t think I heard you clearly. You mean that Obi instructed you to pay that rascal that had the guts to blackmail me?’ Bayo asked. 842 more words

Vipers Ep. 38

‘I want us to work simultaneously on three fronts after the elections’, Obi said to the other three men. The four men were seated at Obi’s study. 708 more words

The Vipers @Six Towers: This is Why We Fight. [S01:04]

Time to take some turf…

There is a nice small, temple in Brightstone. It’s got wealth in coin moving through it. The Vipers decide to take over that operation by taking out the guy managing it, Aldo Breakiron. 386 more words


Vipers Ep. 37

President Baba was pissed off. ‘That rascal that was born yesterday thinks he can summon me at a moment’s notice. Even his father showed me more respect. 835 more words