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Okanagan BCHL teams take Friday night wins

There were two playoff games Friday night involving Okanagan based BCHL teams and both saw wins.

The Vernon Vipers hosted the Wenatchee Wild, winning 7-1. … 169 more words



There are about 170 species of viper.The Gaboon viper can live 18 years in captivity. some of the vipers are bush vipers, puff adders, horned vipers, Russells  vipers, saw- scaled vipers, Mcmanos vipers, desert vipers, low land swamp vipers, Persian  horned vipers and Palearctic vipers. 7 more words


Club with a bond

You never know what growing up with a team looks like. There is a huge difference between club sports and school sports. Club teams can remain the same for years making their bonds a lot bigger and stronger. 352 more words

Riley Lynch

Vipers Ep. 43 (Finale)

‘I, Bayo Olu, do solemnly swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria; that as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I’ll discharge my duties to the best of my ability……’ Bayo recited, after the Chief Justice. 1,126 more words


Vipers In Pinstripes

Teaser alert ! Here’s a snippet from one chapter of our current work, Vipers In Pinstripes :

It seems reasonable to conclude that if management could discredit their accusers by arresting and charging them with a crime, the “disgruntled” employee’s complaints would carry little weight in the court of public opinion, and our efforts to shed light on the problems at the Animal Control facility would take a back seat to mounting a defense against criminal charges. 172 more words


Vipers Ep. 42

‘Wow! Wow! Wow!!’ Baba said in a pleasantly surprised tone. Onyi giggled. ‘Why are you now sounding like a siren’, she asked. ‘Woman, you are just full of surprises. 856 more words


Vipers Ep. 41

Baba was at his office, clearing his desk. His swearing-in ceremony was a week away. ‘No need to do much. I’m still the one coming back to this desk after the swearing-in ceremony’, He said to himself. 935 more words