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Twenty-eight Days with Jesus; Day 3


First impressions stay with us. They persist as a sort of foundation for everything else we come to know about a person, a place or a thing. 798 more words

Gentle as Doves

Jesus said for us to be “wise as serpents, but gentle as doves” Matt 10:16.

So the wolves and vipers of the world attack us when we approach them to tell them the Truth.  309 more words

True Religion

5 Things to Know About Being Bitten By A Viper

Sean O’Donnell is a member of the white fang club — which is to say that he’s one of a group of biologists whose been bitten by a venomous snake and lived to tell the tale. 1,211 more words

Science & Technology

I aspire in a circle

I aspire in a circle

I aspire in a circle,
you bastards
a giant gland in the world
but glad-handing

Take the short cut he says… 70 more words


Choose the Kingdom life, you brood of vipers!

Let your gentleness be known to everyone … you brood of vipers!

Look, it’s Gaudete Sunday and we’re lighting a pink candle in the Advent wreath. 1,333 more words

Daily Office


This piece is inspired by William Faulkner’s novel, The Sound and the Fury the novel and my backyard.


the fence,

beside the pink… 26 more words


Red in tooth and claw

Much of what I used to classify as gardening consisted of picking up snails and throwing them into my neighbour’s patch.  Until, that is, I read that snails will simply roll their eyes at this predicament, turn about on their slime, and make their way back again.   1,323 more words

Not About Food