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Gerilla Kahve

Ogilvy Frankfurt, Nescafe için ”anlık bağlantılar” isimli farklı bir gerilla marketing projesi hayata geçirdi. Kahve bahanesiyle insanların birbirleriyle anlık bağlantılar kurmasını sağlayarak eğlenceli ve başarılı bir iş gerçekleştirmişler.

Non-traditional Marketing

eZine Reason 3: It's Viral, Baby, Yeah!

Put your ezine subscribers work. Remind readers to share the wealth. The return on reader-distributed content is a powerful, authentic, and organic means to grow your mailing lists. 34 more words

Email Marketing Success

I fought the law and love won #lovewins

It doesn’t always need to rain to see a rainbow. This weekend there have been rainbows as far as the eyes can see due to the USA Supreme Supreme Court’s decision to support same-sex marriage. 111 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology in the marketing world is not an easy task. Today’s technology has made sharing content easier than ever, the ability to share has changed how some companies market to their consumers and how their consumers respond to their marketing efforts. 600 more words

Social Media Marketing

Viral Marketing Initiatives

“Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” -Norman Vincent Peale

Viral marketing is not just for big brands.  With that in mind I’ve decided to approach marketing my small business as if it’s a BIG business, and that includes incorporating principles of viral marketing into my marketing activities. 597 more words


Viral Marketing Initiatives

One of the most successful viral campaigns of the year, Red Nose Day USA, raised over $21 million this past May to help 12 charities… 647 more words

Social Media Marketing

Viral Marketing Initiatives

                Viral marketing is a tough nut to crack. What exactly is that x factor that makes a campaign go viral? What can you do to create a viral campaign? 721 more words