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Evian Water Viral Marketing Campaign

The inner child that keeps on giving

A clever idea and skillful execution is all it takes for marketers to cut through the clutter regardless of brand awareness or marketing budget. 291 more words

Emerging Media

Stack 'Em Deep, Sell 'Em Cheap!

Amidst the hoopla of the “Eric Garner Story” it was easy to miss the underlying phenomena fueling the events that lead up to that day. 544 more words

Make 'Em Feel Something.

So we’ve touched briefly on the “what” and a tiny bit on the “why” of marketing and it’s all pretty straight forward… so let’s skip ahead to the “how” for a moment, because this is where people tend to get confused. 952 more words

Swine Flu challenges Ebola (Devil Human Part...?)

Swine Flu “Am spreading fast”

Ebola “Me too”

Swine Flu “Heard a Mexican family saying historically when they wore less clothes, i never attacked them” 260 more words

The eCommerce Store Sold Out in 6 Hours (Viral Marketing Trend)


In this post, we are going to  share the best takeaways of “Shinesty” eCommerce business success steps of going viral.

1. Identify an under-served niche… 244 more words


Enjoy the Party

Every week I choose an ad to feature in the ‘Ad of the Week’ feature on Marklives.com, Africa’s foremost authority on marketing, for marketers.

This week, in the wake of one of the most memorable State of the Nation addresses in history, I selected TOPS, the Spar liquor retailer sub-brand. 39 more words


5 Mistakes You're Making That Are Preventing Your Content From Going Viral

Ever ask yourself why your content isn’t going viral? Why your social media campaigns haven’t become the next Ice Bucket Challenge? Well it may be because you are making these mistakes, inevitably preventing your content from going viral… 243 more words

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