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Brands on Social Media: Rapidly Gaining Momentum

You would only have to think back a couple years in order to remember your favourite social media websites ad-free.
Finding a YouTube video of your interest and being able to watch it from start to finish without advertisements at the beginning, mid-rolling or concluding videos was a luxury that we all took advantage of. 413 more words


Share a Coke: How Coca-Cola's campaign goes viral

Coca Cola or Coke is one of the famous beverage brands in the world that have its presence it the market for more than a century. 450 more words

Viral Marketing Strategies in Oklahoma and in Texas

Viral Marketing Strategies in Oklahoma and in Texas

Mel Feller points out that as you focus on discovering the value of your product and service your thinking should they move to getting the word out about that value. 608 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives: No equation for success, but smart tactics can inform planning

In mid 2018, the International House of Pancakes β€” best known as IHOP β€” seemingly undertook a rebranding. In a series of social media posts, the known breakfast location changed focus from the typical morning food faire to burgers. 988 more words

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Viral marketing loves a good controversy

Twitter has the potential to be one of our greatest allies in the world of digital marketing, as it’s reach into our pockets via our phones is greater than you might think. 284 more words

"My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop 😭"

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling down twitter and noticed a this tweet:

Immediately, I felt sorry for the guy, I retweeted the tweet in hopes that people would see it and go to his shop and I was completely invested into looking further down the thread to see whether people had begun to go to his shop. 583 more words

Was the egg's fame all a fluke?

This year, a certain egg garnered massive attention after its poster decided to embark on mission impossible: to get more likes on a single Instagram post than Kylie Jenner of the (in?)famous Kardashian-Jenner gang, the then-current record owner for the most likes on an Instagram photo. 463 more words