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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral marketing is a strategy that focuses on spreading information and opinions about a product or service from person to person. This form of marketing is typically done through the internet and social media because of how quickly information can be spread using those mediums. 512 more words

Social Media In General

Five Ways for a Viral Marketing Stratgy to be a Hit

Stick your head out the window and yell “I’m as mad as hell and my social media strategy isn’t going to take it anymore.” Take a second, now breathe. 586 more words

Jaguar'dan Gerçek Gerçeklik

Jaguar yeni modelinin tanıtımı için, Yeni Zelanda’da Y&R Reklam ajansı ile birlikte pazarlama dünyasında oldukça trend olan farklı bir virtual reality projesi hayata geçirmiş. Otomobili merak edenlere farklı ve eğlenceli bir deneyim yaşatmış.

Non-traditional Marketing


Những nguyên tắc để tạo viral

Nguyên lý 1: Social Currency (Thông tin để tám).

Nguyên lý 2: Trigger (Liên tưởng)

Nguyên lý 3: Emotion (Cảm xúc). 554 more words


6 Steps on How to Launch a Viral Video Marketing

Hi everyone!

Getting viral is always certainly a formula for online success. Ever since the first cat video was

watched and watched repeated on YouTube, a new marketing niche was born – Viral video marketing. 488 more words

Online Marketing Tips

The Facebook Experiment

Recent research findings confirms what everyone knows. The more you use Facebook – the less happy you are with your life because you are constantly comparing yourself to other FB people (most of who always seem more successful or happier than you) 8 more words

Viral Marketing