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Viral Marketing

Network science and marketing: A virus’ tale

By Matthias Wildemeersch,  IIASA Advanced Systems Analysis and Ecosystems Services and Management Programs

FotoQuest Austria is a citizen science campaign initiated by the IIASA Ecosystems Services & Management Program that aims to involve the general public in mapping land use in Austria. 673 more words


바이럴만 살아남는 더러운 세상, 그것이 알고 싶다 (Small World and Viral Marketing)

<추천 포스트: 경험이 광고다: “아뇨, 우버를 불렀어요”>

*바이럴 특집으로 선정적인 제목을 선택해봤습니다^^ 많은 바이럴 부탁드려요^^ (굽신굽신 스압주의)

최근 오가닉미디어랩은 예상치 못한 경험을 했다. 한 포스트 120 more words

오가닉 미디어

Brands will (one day) always listen.

Much has been said about engaging with online communities to generate a buzz about brands.  Often, companies will seek the help of its followers and customers to spread the word through an advertising campaign.  378 more words

Social Media

How a photo from Social Media raised thousands? #BuyPens

Even if you want to avoid social media you can’t. It’s pervasiveness and power to reach global audiences instantly creates dramatic impacts. On Tuesday 25th August, $80,000  was raised in just half an hour after a picture of a refugee seemingly trying to sell pens on a street in Beirut with his daughter slumped over one shoulder was widely shared on twitter. 386 more words

Social Media

The Ultimate Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Sharer PRO – The Ultimate Facebook Auto Poster

Do you want to schedule your Facebook posts and put your campaigns on auto-pilot?
Enough with manual posting on multiple Facebook groups or fan pages! 722 more words

Facebook Auto Poster

Become a Social Media Superstar: Easy Ways to Get Followers On Each Platform

Believe it or not, there is a such thing as a social media rockstar. These are the people who are influencers in the social hemisphere and have gained a respectable audience online. 1,371 more words

Social Media