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Viral Marketing Initiatives

Some of you may be starching your heads and wondering what viral marketing is. If you’re not, then great this will be a quick refresher. Simply put it is a marketing campaign or message that spreads like wild fire over various social media platforms or at least that’s the hope when its created. 683 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Ever wonder what makes something go viral?  What makes content spread like wildfire?  It’s not an exact science, actually, there’s no science involved at all.  Yet, there’s  a few defining characteristics in what makes something go viral.  408 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Ah, viral — the word every marketing professional wants to hear!  Outside of that, maybe not so much, but within the Twitterverse and Facebookland — the word “viral” is music to the ears. 463 more words


Instagram's algorithm and the best time to post photos

I guess part two of the Instagram analysis would be the algorithm they use and how are you meant to figure out when your posts would get the most likes. 540 more words

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How to Tap Emotions of People for Viral Marketing

How to make Targeted Ads ?

First identify the key Ingredients for Indian Political Campaigns

By mining our social media actvities, Cambridge analytica can easily identifies nationality, banking frauds, Identity Politics, Chinese, corruption, women safety, Indian Army, Dalit, Beef etc .. 327 more words


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” – Edith Wharton

When we look into the science of message diffusion in marketing, and the lack of correlation between how widely something is shared and its novelty factor, sometimes the mirror is more important than the light. 322 more words

Viral Marketing: Reach Rarely ever pay the Bills

Its 2k18 and everyone is still trying to jump onto the viral marketing bandwagon and I simply don’t see the point in such FOMO. Let’s face it – viral marketing is not happening. 669 more words

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