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Quit Genius, helping smokers quit, picks up an extra $1.1 million in seed

Quit Genius, the YC-backed app that helps users quit smoking, has today announced the shut of an additional $1.1 million, bringing their seed round to a cool$ two million. 560 more words


A gay man had a private conversation with the pope. What he said was game-changing.

An unexpected response from the pope may signal an important switching in the Catholic Church’s views on faggot identity.

Photo by Marvin Recinos/ AFP/ Getty Images. 516 more words


Barack and Michelle Obama sign production deal with Netflix

Another( very) big deal for Netflix: Former U.S. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have reached an agreement to produce cinemas and series for the streaming service. 305 more words


Police in south India accused of mass murder after shooting dead protesters

Eleven people protesting over pollution from a copper plant have been killed by police in Tamil Nadu in south India

Another person has been shot dead during violent protests in south… 652 more words


How one thoughtful gesture inspired a nonprofit for sick youth around the country.

Do you remember the exhilaration of ensure a movie in theaters when you were young?

Those experiences can feel magical. Even the interesting thing — your ticket being torn, watching your popcorn get scooped into a bag, scouring the display case for your favorite candy, choosing the perfect seat — are all part of this meaningful and exciting ritual, especially when it’s new. 897 more words


Say hello to Google One

Google is revamping its consumer storage plans today by adding a new $2.99/ month tier for 200 GB of storage and falling the price of its 2 TB plan from $19.99/ month to $9.99/ month( and dropping the $9.99/ month 1 TB plan ). 523 more words