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         I cannot believe the year is almost over! It seems like just yesterday I started this blog and I did not know what I was doing or where I was going to let it takes me. 317 more words

Three Florida Men Charged With Animal Cruelty For Dragging a Shark Behind Their Boat

(TALLAHASSEE, Fla.) — Florida wildlife officials and prosecutors have charged three men connected to a video of a shark being dragged behind a speeding boat. 116 more words

Chilling moment UFO 'follows' a plane before dipping suddenly from view as puzzled passenger films the bizarre sighting over Britain

An airline passenger filmed what appears to be a UFO high in the skies over Britain when a small, bright object seemed to follow alongside the plane before suddenly dipping out of view … 6 more words

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This Is What It Actually Takes To Quiet Your Anxiety Because Its Not Just Positive Thinking And A Few Yoga Classes


Anxiety is what happens when you have an absolutely ridiculous supposed … but then you start to believe it .

Deep breathing, yoga class, hot baths, trying to think “positively,” be participating, cut out the caffeine, clean your room … all of these things… 526 more words


Homeowner gets revenge on package thieves with ingenious trap that sets off SHOTGUN shells

Hilarious video shows a would-be thief falling over in panic as he runs away after the device went off
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Mom of Utah man jailed in Venezuela airs tape on his health

SALT LAKE CITY- The mother of a Utah man imprisoned in Venezuela for nearly 11/2 years is circulating a new audio recording of her son talking about how he’s suffering without medical care. 127 more words


Flight MH370 didn’t just "disappear": Historian suggests mystery was first case of remote skyjacking and 'was diverted to prevent delivery of secret cargo to China'

Missing Malaysia airlines plane MH370 has still not be found after searches close to Australia – but theorists suggest the plane may be buried under sheets of ice in the Antarctic … 6 more words

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