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Our Lady in the forest

Pilgrims carry an icon of the Virgin Mary during an annual religious procession marking the second day of the Orthodox Easter, on May 2, 2016, at the Bachkovo Monastery, southern Bulgaria. 10 more words

Photo Of The Day

St. Benedict

St. Benedict, Abbot

Forty days after the white dove of Cassino had mounted to heaven, Benedict, her glorious Brother, ascended by a bright path to the blissful abode, where they were to be united for ever. 2,938 more words

St. Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, Confessor

A.D. 687.

WHEN the Northumbrians, under the pious King Oswald, had, with great fervour, embraced the Christian faith, the holy bishop St. 2,685 more words

St. Photina

St. Photina

1st century

Samaritan martyr. According to Greek tradition, Photina was the Samaritan woman with whom Jesus spoke at the well as was recounted in the Gospel of St. 105 more words

Stop The Music!

Fr. B was away yesterday and we invited a former rector to fill in for us.

There are three Episcopal churches in Baltimore that are so high they look down on the Pope.  353 more words

A colorful Virgin Mary

My favorite feature of the renovated facade at St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine is the statue of the Virgin Mary above the doors.   Before the 8-month renovation, I knew that the statue was up there.  144 more words


Courageous Creativity

Today we remember Joseph, husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Joseph took care of Mary & Jesus by creating things as a carpenter and whisking them away from danger when King Herod went on a killing spree. 85 more words