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Saint Bernardine of Siena and the Power of the Name of JesusĀ 

Saint Bernardine of Siena and the Power of the Name of Jesus

Bernardine of Siena was born on September 8, 1380, feast of the Nativity of Mary. 3,307 more words

Odoric of Pordenone

Odoric of Pordenone

A Franciscan missionary of a Czech family named Mattiussi, born at Villanova near Pordenone, Friuli, Italy, about 1286; died at Udine, 14 Jan., 1331. 787 more words

St. Paul the First Hermit

St. Paul, The First Hermit

Today, the Church honours the memory of one of those men, who were expressly chosen by God to represent the sublime detachment from all things, which was taught to the world by the example of the Son of God, born in a Cave, at Bethlehem. 1,055 more words

St. Maurus

St. Maurus, Abbot

AMONG the several noblemen who placed their sons under the care of St. Benedict, to be brought up in piety and learning, Equitius, one of that rank, left with him his son Maurus, then but twelve years old, in 522. 1,146 more words

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Our Lady of Prompt Succor

DURING the French Revolution of the late 18th century, priests and religious were persecuted and often had to go into hiding in order to administer the Sacraments and keep their vocation and apostolates. 399 more words

Mighty Mexican Mothers: Santa Muerte as Female Empowerment in Oaxaca

As the sole female folk saint of death in the Americas, Santa Muerte has a special appeal to women, especially disprivileged Mexican mothers . In the piece below anthropologist Dr. 1,658 more words

Santa Muerte

Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 9th, 1531, 57 year old Juan Diego was on his way to
church in Tenochtitlan, Mexico when he suddenly heard music near Tepeyac… 738 more words

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