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Taking over...

He’s had his way for a while now, giving me instructions and making me wait for a release and then it was my turn…

Just before the weekend he let me take over. 157 more words


1 in 4 single Japanese men in their 30s have never had sex....the solution....?

Special Nude Drawing Classes Help Japan’s 40-Year-Old Virgins With Women

Sarah Cascone, Monday, June 29, 2015

There’s an unusual social problem in Japan: a growing group of middle-aged men who seem unable to lose their virginity. 429 more words

Best to start from the beginning

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog ever since I started travelling in 2011. Well times gotten away from me, but here we are! I thought for the longest time about how I should start my blog and at what angle to approach this task. 670 more words


You might not have $250k to go to space, but now you can visit Spaceport America for $44.99

Rocketing up to space is the ultimate dream of many road warriors. Of course there are many road blocks to making this a reality. While we may dream of space with our head in the clouds, the stratospheric $250,000 price tag brings most of us lowly travel peasants back down to earth.  255 more words


40-yr. Old Virgins are Real?!?

I don’t think I have ever gone out on a date with someone who has as many issues as the guy I met tonight. What’s more, he shared all of this with me on our 1st (and last) date. 836 more words

Kitchen Sink

How I Exchanged my "Virgin" Badge for ME

I grew up believing that sex was a sin. Whatever that means. So at an early age, I vowed to be “pure” and wait till marriage for sex and to not even think about it. 1,035 more words