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Who hath wounds without cause?

People have been asking me why I’m depressed. I could list out all of the reason, but that would take awhile…I will try anyway.

When I was 6 years-old I was molested repeatedly by my “best friend”. 343 more words

A Year In My Life.

The Way To Christ- Of True Repentance

A Man must bring a serious Mind to this Work. He must come before God with sincere Earnestness, deep Humility, and hearty Sorrow for his Sins, and with a deliberate and firm… 246 more words


20 year old virgin (warning: involves sexy time talk)

so me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over a year. We decided when we first started dating that we wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. 332 more words

The Confidence To Be Yourself

I sometimes have conflicting issues deciding to stay the person I am or becoming the person I so wish to be . A new wardrobe for instance would be awesome , but should I buy clothes based on how I always dress , or how I want to be perceived ? 106 more words


7 Signs You're A 20-Something Virgin And Loving It

You recently celebrated your 24th birthday, and you realize, wow, you still haven’t done it. You’ve had your share of men, quite a few, actually. But you managed to let them know beforehand that you want to wait for the right time. 563 more words

Part 1: Beware of Sky's Live Chat Assistants... Promise the world, Deliver very little

Evening world…

So I have recently moved into a new apartment. We all know that there is so much that goes into ‘the big move’. Council tax, TV licence and not to mention the nightmare of an IKEA shop, hundreds of IKEA tourists following the directional floor stickers like the yellow brick road (I have a thought that perhaps my IKEA experience would make a great blog, so if there is any interest please let me know) 514 more words

Swindon’s Artistic ‘Hammerman’

It is not only the amazing Wiltshire landscape which helps produce creativity; as our research progresses, we are discovering just how much creative people across the county provide inspiration and support to each other. 310 more words