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PHP is friendlier for wildlife

Please never, ever drive a motorized vehicle on PHP!

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Some photos of Pleasure House Point

Thanks to Kevin for sharing a couple pics of PHP.

Tom, an Ocean Park resident, built the kayak you see below, and launched from the beloved… 116 more words

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Mary Reid Barrow shows some love for PHP. "It's something that everybody in the city will be able to enjoy." Duke said.

Read the entire awesome article at Pilotonline.com:

PHP, as it has come to be known, has been a dream of Shore Drive citizens and one of the priorities of the city’s open-space acquisition plan for a decade.

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City Council voting soon on closing the deal to preserve Pleasure House Point forever.

Looks like vote will take place in March or April.
~ 10 year anniversary of a dream that is closer to coming true.

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Pilot's Editorial Page love for PHP in case you missed 2 of PHP's mentions last year.

From Thanksgiving’s “So many blessings in Hampton Roads” at Pilotonline.com:

Too often, we take for granted the many things that enrich our lives. Here are a few of the people, places and things we appreciate, to help get you started on this Thanksgiving Day 2011.

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About World Wetlands Day 2012 Photo Celebration

Join the Group in Flickr to post your pics between January 3rd- 20th 2012.

“WILDLIFE” – Wildlife in wetlands, from frogs to fish to flamingoes, showcase the inhabitants of your favorite wetlands.

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