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1619 - Representative Government Is Formed

The Virginia Colony made great strides throughout 1619, and arguably the greatest was the formation of representative government, the first such government formed in the New World. 654 more words

The Governors and Members of Council in Colonial Virginia

Dateline: Virginia, 30 April 1652: The commissioners appointed by Parliament back in England and the Burgesses here in Virginia decide who should be Governor and Council members. 474 more words

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1619 - Women and Angolans Arrive

Few events have left as lasting an impact upon Virginia’s history as the 1619 arrival of either the first women or the first Africans.

Both would shape the colony, and later the state, in unique ways. 578 more words

The Zebra: VFH Announces The Launch Of Discovery Virginia

The Zebra: VFH Announces The Launch Of Discovery Virginia. “On Monday, November 20, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) launched one of the nation’s first digital repositories created by a humanities council to preserve its own content. 22 more words

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Petty Crime Family in Early Virginia

Dateline Virginia, March 1661/2: A husband and wife with their two servants gets lashes for striking the High Sheriff. It’s one symptom of a dysfunctional family. 308 more words

Virginia History

James River Plantations Part 3

The most expansive plantation building phase along the James River exploded into life after the 1618 tobacco crop sold for an eye catching £5,000. At that moment the English knew that there was indeed something worthwhile to the Virginia venture. 731 more words

Mr. Jefferson's Roses

For anyone who loves flowers, roses, orchards and a great vegetable garden, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, VA is a destination to put on your To-Do list. 1,752 more words