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Book Review: Deceived With Kindness by Angelica Garnett

I picked this book up during my recent visit to Charleston, which I wrote about in a previous post. Angelica Garnett is the daughter of the artist Vanessa Bell.   420 more words

Book Reviews

Reintroducing me

I thought the time was right to update myself as a writer and then I thought why not a pinboard collage of various aspects of my life. 191 more words

Making Moments of Being

There are short parenting interludes when I watch my children and their candid, unaware action translates into something beautiful and makes my heart hurt. On a Lake Michigan beach vacation during summer break, I spent hours watching them run into the waves, hunt for rocks, and wave their arms tirelessly at passing boats. 375 more words


Charleston - An Artists Home

I was first introduced to Charleston, the former home of the artist Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and their assortment of family and friends a few years ago.   388 more words

Galleries And Exhibitions

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

~Virginia Wolf


Stream of incoherence-ness…

I can’t write ‘off the cuff’. Spontaneous, without editing, or Thesaurus embellishments (more like text photo shopping). And never without changing, revising and re-writing drafts after drafts. 594 more words

A Bit Of Incoherence

El Pompidou cede su espacio al microteatro

Este pasado sábado, 30 de mayo, se llevó a cabo la representación de cuatro obras de microteatro en el recientemente inaugurado Centre Pompidou en Málaga. El cuarteto, proyecto que responde al nombre de “Por amor al arte”, engloba unas piezas teatrales unidas por su reflexión metartística y que tomaron como espacio el propio museo, distribuyéndose por pasillos, cafeterías y salas, en una especie de recorrido circular que el espectador tenía que realizar. 750 more words