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Ramble 110: That was an era of literature, this is of technology: 5 reasons why!

The grandeur and splendour of a smoke belching world, of bad red-black bricks which overpower the identity of a common man and kill it slowly, mercilessly. 392 more words

Opinionated Opinions

Why you have to bleed to write well ...

I’ve had a lot of people tell me they want to write a book — or at the very least, that they have some grand idea that would make a bestseller. 377 more words


Dear Celeste,

Virginia Wolf once wrote:

You have won rooms of your own in the house hitherto exclusively owned by men. You are able, though not without great labour and effort, to pay the rent. 401 more words

Letters From Luna

Down the Rabbit Hole (#5)

Down the Rabbit Hole: A collection of sites from the internet that inspire or intrigue us. Each site leads to another, creating an endless journey that takes us down into the beautiful depths of the internet.  436 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole

Scott K Fish: Jason Bonham Profile 1988

SKF NOTE: This is a profile on Jason Bonham written in 1988. Jason was on “permanent relief” from his band, Virginia Wolf; finishing a project with… 44 more words

Scott K Fish

Modernism: Creative Destruction in David Harvey, Virginia Woolf and Joseph Conrad

There are many accounts of Modernism and many more critiques of it. David Harvey manages to wrestles down these different accounts and put them in their proper place in his second chapter of… 1,200 more words

Literary Analysis

Book Review: The London Scene by Virginia Woolf

So, my summer affair with Bloomsbury continues as I have just read The London Scene by Virginia Woolf.

The London Scene is a short collection of six essays written by Virginia Woolf, for Good Housekeeping Magazine in 1931.   298 more words

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