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Book Review: A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

“A woman must have money and a room of one’s own if she is to write fiction.” A thought-provoking read on ‘Women and Fiction’ written in 1928 but posing many questions that are still relevant 85 years later, e.g. 481 more words


Erasure poetry: Stranded

Here’s my second attempt at Erasure Poetry which is a type of Found Poetry. My first attempt was just an abridgement of the text! 168 more words


Bohemian Woolf

I am asked one of two questions when someone new learns of my love for Virginia Woolf: a) are you afraid of Virginia Woolf, b) why do you like her, she is so odd and hard to read. 324 more words


Denton Welch's Maiden Voyage

I resolved to read Denton Welch this year, enthused by Des’s advocacy, though the timing was determined by catching sight of a rather distinctive edition of… 275 more words

20th Century

Snobbery's Menace

Politics can be a mean way of life, filled with scurrilous attacks on opponents, replete with prevarication, and downright lying. I stay away from it, as much as possible. 1,052 more words