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Book Club: January 19th, 2017

I took an unusual turn into Virginia Woolf, unusual because it felt like a very summery book, and we are in the dead of winter. It was a nice reprieve, as I found myself in a nice hot bath, reading through and imagining these characters playing out their parts in the beautiful environment with the ocean in the background. 195 more words


Why Bookworms Need An Advocacy Group

People who read and study a great deal are called bookworms. If you love books and reading as I do, one should think it a compliment, but it is considered to be derogatory. 449 more words


Literary Impressionism in "The Good Soldier" and "Mrs Dalloway"

The Modernists’ Perception of Reality and Time

When talking about modernist writers, and particularly the high modernists, if such a term can be agreed upon, there is something beyond Pound’s famous make-it-new statement and idea that seems to dominate their writing. 2,261 more words


The Well-Intentioned Conspiracy

I don’t have my book of favorites quotes in front of me, but if I did, I would be able to quote the upcoming sentence accurately instead of paraphrasing, and probably butchering, something said by one of my favorite writers. 470 more words

Books And Reading

“My mood has been unusual. There are some days, like yesterday, when I have nothing to write about – not because nothing significant happened, but I feel more reflective than otherwise, and I don’t see any reason to force myself to put pen to paper.”

16 more words

Chemistry in Capsules, Virginia

I would have met you at the water if I
were then without a daughter; I would have
held your hand–the bones to your words. 195 more words

My Poetry


È con immenso rammarico e un filino di stizza che devo fare outing: il mio primo libro del 2017 (Il libro della grammatica interiore… 254 more words