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“Won’t somebody dance with me”

For because a man is alone, he is not for that reason also solitary;
just as though a man is among numbers, he is not therefore not solitary. 572 more words


This year's top 5.

Three Guineas – Virginia Woolf

Not a book of a year but of a lifetime. Every segment of British society in examined. She champions girls’ education, exposes corporate greed, challenges the rituals of the patriarchy down to the very clothes men wear in the military, the university, and the workplace, quotes Jesus, sings with Antigone, and made me laugh out loud in an airport. 361 more words

Virginia Woolf

I begin to long for some little language such as lovers use, broken words, inarticulate words, like the shuffling of feet on pavement. ― Virginia Woolf, … 8 more words


Making Existentialist Waves (2)

A few weeks ago, I was thinking aloud about the similarities that struck me between Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea, published some seven years after Woolf’s book. 630 more words

Brief Review: Mitchell Leaska’s Granite and Rainbow

Biography complicates the life of an individual in the mind of a reader. Biographers enter the genre determined to present a specific reading of their subject’s life, and the various biographies of Virginia Woolf’s life are no different. 503 more words

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