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The Running Whys - Nancy Cornect

The story on Nancy Cornect is part of the 2016 Running Whys series. This ran in the April 30 edition of the Fredericton Daily Gleaner. If you have suggestions for someone with a great story, send a note to kevinbarrett16@gmail.com. 702 more words


121/365 Lotuses Among the Lilypads (Alexandria, Virginia)

121/365 – Lotuses Among the Lilypads

There is a lovely coy pond in the backyard, filled with bright, green lilypads. From time to time pale pink and white lotus flowers will spring up out of the water, slowly opening up, revealing bursts of yellow.


120/365 Dandelion Wishes (Alexandria, Virginia)

120/365 Dandelion Wishes

I saw this lone dandelion in bed of grass today and it reminded me of my childhood summers, lying in the cool green grass, picking dandelions, blowing on them, and making wishes. Dandelion wishes.


Virginia is for Lovers

The Virginia state slogan is “Virginia is for lovers.” I can’t vouch for the veracity of that, but I do know US 23 through Virginia is perhaps the loveliest stretch of road I have been on during the 8,000 miles I have traveled so far. 273 more words


Streamside stairs

I love stone steps, especially when they climb through the woods to a waterfall. Along with lighthouse stairs, the curving stairs on the hike to the Cascades near Blacksburg, Virginia, are among my favorite stairways. 100 more words



You can not always tell someone’s ancestry by looking at their coat; of arms, that is. Neither is ancestry revealed by assuming two people with similar names are synomous. 2,315 more words