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Amazon to launch mobile ads, threatening Google and Facebook

Operating an ad platform on top of a service like search or social media or retail sales opens firms like Google, Facebook and Amazon to additional … 26 more words


Bury St Edmunds marketing expert Kim Morrison explains why social media matters to your business

Being online and using social media to promote your business offers you … a range of coming additions for influencers, including a new ad option. 25 more words


The Town of Colonial Beach Receives $10,000 Grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation “50 Years of Love” Program Marketing Fund

Grant fund established to help celebrate 50th anniversary of the “Virginia is for Lovers” tourism slogan

Colonial Beach News

The sixties was a time when peace and love were much sought after ideals. 603 more words

India's political parties are spending heavily to advertise on Facebook but not on Twitter

The only accounts seen to have run ads related to politics were media … to social media advertising, it is not always political parties' official accounts … 26 more words


Balancing censorship and responsibility

But as New Zealand demonstrates, social media platforms are highly … watching, increase the time they spend online and maximize ad revenue.

This content is been publish thanks to… 18 more words


How to Use Social Media for Email List Building

Are your social media followers on your email list? …. When running social media ad campaigns, look to offer useful content for free in exchange for an … 26 more words


'What ad*******' – watch reckless VW Golf R32 driver narrowly avoid head-on smash

This is the shocking moment a driver almost caused a head-on crash during rush hour. The dashcam footage, which can be viewed above, shows the … 26 more words

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