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Healing Crystals

I absolutely love healing crystals, they really do work. I was always drawn to them as a young child but never really understood what could be done with them other than look pretty. 93 more words

Mind Body And Soul

Cosmic kick

I had the tables turned on me today as a new friend (and most definitely previously known friend!) did a tarot reading for me. ┬áIt’s one thing to follow inner guidance and intuition through your own readings, astro analysis etc but it is more than another when that guidance is played back to you through someone else. 258 more words

Spiritual Work

Mercury retrogrades and POOF there goes my plans.

It’s no secret that I hate when my plans get changed. If I could scream at fate, I would say, “why, oh why, do you not respect my decisions!” Of course fate is deaf, and time waits for no man, so rather than scream, I sigh and go back to the drawing board. 192 more words


Two favourites.

Is it a coincidence both my favourite people are virgos and make pancakes? I think not!

Not going to lie but of course it’s Ranulf… 140 more words

Virgo beach

Virgo’s are feminine but not girly. They are one of the signs that can pull of the boho style naturally. They are extremely detail oriented yet like a more breezy look. 39 more words


Virgo summer

Virgos are a feminine earthy sign. They look good in almost any pattern, so they can totally pull off pattern mixing. They’re perfectionists, so they put a lot of thought into their outfits but like to give to illusion of being effortless and simple. 89 more words