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389. Những ngôi sao tìm đến nhau (7- hết)


  • Đi chơi đi?
  • Không.
  • Đi uống cà phê?
  • Không?
  • Tiểu Hồng à..
  • Anh là sếp sao cứ dụ dỗ nhân viên đi chơi vậy?!!
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Capricorn Full Moon

“The Full Moon’s conjunction with Pluto suggests there might be something you need to transform, restructure or completely let go of in order to honor your deepest, soul-level commitments. 417 more words


* tanka & short post

from the 8th floor

a gray mist

over Cincinnati

what holds all of this



Keeping it short due to being hospitalized earlier this week for some stomach issues. 56 more words

The Cosmic Conundrum Pt. 3 - Mutable Sign Meeting

Mutable Sign Meeting

Sagittarius: So…..what are we meeting again for?

Virgo: And this….is why I hate you…..

Gemini: I got the most important scoop ever. But we are meeting so that we can discuss…..things…..we will pretend that they mean something…but we all know they ultimately don’t. 940 more words


Another item off the list

One of the things I had earlier planned during my visit to US (and something that didn’t happen) was getting a tattoo done. It was in the making for quite sometime now, to be exact, it was in the process since my last year’s trip to London. 241 more words


Denver #1

Because you’re really fucking weird, but manage to remain oddly normal

You’re totally foreign to me yet you forever familiar

You’re comforting- in the most disrupting of ways… 62 more words

388. Những ngôi sao tìm đến nhau (5,6)


Tiểu Hồng thu dọn đống đồ giặt cho Tiểu Ngư, trong lòng vẫn không hết hoài nghi, cô bé này hình như có khái niệm rất kỳ lạ về..ngăn nắp. 628 more words

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