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Happy Solstice!

And a Happy Solstice to All!

Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere on June 22, 2018. The word Solstice is Latin in origin and translates as, Sol =the Sun, + stitere =standing still. 278 more words


Constellations Pt 1

Psalm 19:1-6 speak of the Bible in the heavens. The Constellations are 12 main constellations (12 the divine number of government, Tribes, Apostles) and each has 3 decans (smaller constellations) that all tell the story of Jesus from His First Coming to His Second Coming. 92 more words

Signs In The Heavens

Moon in Virgo

The moon was in Virgo all day.

I hope everyone had time for earthly, cleansing pursuits.

I mowed the yard, and I tried to use the weed-eater. 123 more words


Virgo- Tarot Wealth, Health, and Abundance Advice Reading -July 2018


Question: What advice do my Virgo readers need to enhance their financial stability & physical health and overall well-being for the month of July 2018? 676 more words

Gemini: In Bed With Earth Signs

Geminis are one of the most sociable people of the zodiac. They love to have fun and can be quite adventurous, depending on which of the two twins are present. 456 more words


Your forecast for the week of June 18

Aries: Your life is an open book, but it’s less “War and Peace” and more “Green Eggs and Ham.” It doesn’t take long to read, but hopefully you’ll find someone who doesn’t bend the pages or use it to level up the kitchen table. 475 more words


Virgo - June 18th to 24th, 2018.

Hello Virgo, welcome to your weekly tarot reading!  Since this is a general reading, it will not resonate with everyone who reads it.  Simply take the information if it applies. 111 more words

Weekly Readings