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Microbiology Case Study: A 7 Month Old Female with Fever and Seizure-Like Episodes

Case History

A 7 month old female presented to the emergency department (ED) due to fever and seizure-like episodes. Her mother reported the child had been persistently febrile for 5 days (Tmax 103.9°F) with rhinorrhea, fussiness and decreased oral intake. 668 more words


An enzyme in cells help viruses infect them 

RMIT scientists in Melbourne have led an international collaboration that potentially unlocks better treatment of viral diseases, including the flu and common cold.

The results are published in the prestigious scientific and medical journal Nature Communications. 484 more words

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RANDOM AUDIO: Avian Flu Outbreak obsession


Influenza, in all its forms, is the master of mutation, making it irresistible to a “bug” junkie like me. So when the 2014-2015 outbreak swept across the country, mutating as it went, and in the end causing 48± million birds to be euthanized, with portable incinerators carted from commercial poultry factory to commercial poultry factory still unable to keep up, I was obsessed. 170 more words

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Researchers are hunting for viruses that could cause the next pandemic

Scientists around the world are looking for the next SARS or MERS virus in wildlife from disease emergence ‘hotspots’.

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In late 2002, a new kind of lung infection began to emerge in the Guandong province of southern China. 1,274 more words


Hello Hope

(July 2015, Hope)

In June of 2015, I had to put my beautiful girl Halen down. She had been battling cancer for the past 8 months and it was time for me to make the agonizing decision to say good-bye to my girl. 612 more words



Penciclovir is an anti-viral drug used for treatment of herpesvirus infections. Generally used as a topical treatment given that it is absorbed poorly when taken orally, penciclovir is an active ingredient in some cold-sore treatments. 16 more words