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Vaccination Wars (Unreported World)

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Year: 2015

Genre: Documentary

URL: http://bobnational.net/record/289825

In most countries of the world, polio has been tamed by effective vaccination. The disease is only endemic in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. 409 more words


Call for kiss ban for pregnant women to prevent spread of virus which can cause serious complications in babies

The Courier Mail ROSE BRENNAN April 17, 2015

MANY pregnant women are unaware of the devastating effects a common infection can have on their unborn baby and how to prevent it. 353 more words


Patties Foods tests fail to find any hepatitis A

The Australian Eli Greenblat April 15, 2015

The food manufacturer at the centre of the hepatitis A outbreak earlier this year linked to frozen packets of Nanna’s mixed berries claims the integrity of its quality-assurance systems has been vindicated after its own testing failed to find any trace of the disease. 345 more words


Plotting the elimination of dengue

EurekAlert |  April 8, 2015

Dengue is a viral infection spread between humans by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Dengue causes flu-like symptoms, including intense headaches and joint pains. 85 more words


Molecular biology of hepatitis B virus infection

Human hepatitis B virus (HBV) is the prototype of a family of small DNA viruses that productively infect hepatocytes, the major cell of the liver, and replicate by reverse transcription of a terminally redundant viral RNA, the pregenome. 120 more words


The hippie hotbeds of anti-jab agitation

Daily Telegraph Geoff Chambers 14 April 2015

STEINER schools in northern NSW promote choice of parents to reject immunisation as the percentage of unvaccinated children almost eclipses South Sudan.

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Health worker in ACT cleared of Ebola

Sydney Morning Herald AAP 13 April 2015

ACT Health has deemed a Canberra health care worker free of Ebola after a second test for the disease returned a negative result.

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