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New virus discovered in human blood – A good or bad thing?

Dr. Amit Kapoor, a virologist from Columbia University and his team have identified a new virus from human blood, which they named as human hepegivirus 1 or HHpgV-1. 345 more words


How Flu viruses gain the ability to spread?

Several strains of flu virus exists in nature and some are more transmissible than others in spreading the infection from one person to another. Ever wondered why? 686 more words


Adipose Tissue Is a Neglected HIV Reservoir

Chronic immune activation/inflammation and viral persistence in reservoirs are important features of chronic HIV infection, even in patients receiving ART. A recent paper evaluates the involvement of adipose tissue in chronic HIV/SIV infections. 495 more words


How do stem cells effectively silence proviruses? Latest study reveals important clues

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) have the capability to repress both the exogenous and endogenous proviruses. These proviruses are are an integral part of the host genome and these parasitic elements form upto 10% of mouse genome. 477 more words


Viruses, maybe they live!! Also President Obama, Putin and Zarif shakes hands. #Virus #news #Putin #POTUS

Anyone who has studied any level of Biology has been fed the dogma of the definition of the word “alive” or “life”. A virus by definition is not technically “alive” because it can only “come alive” or become active in a specific environment that activate it i.e the inside of a nice cozy nutrition rich cell or body fluids. 285 more words


Merck Animal Health, Afya Project and Mission Rabies: Working Toward a World Free of Rabies

Merck logo. (PRNewsFoto/Merck Animal Health)

In recognition of World Rabies Day, Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) is proud to announce its continued support of the Afya Project and Mission Rabies, two organizations that are working toward the elimination of the disease in some of the world’s most at-risk regions. 812 more words


Deep evolution of viruses

Ian Mackay of Virology Down Under fame (or notoriety B-) today alerted me to a new paper on the evolution of viruses – which is being touted… 333 more words

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