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Machiavelli on the Power of "Virtue"

What is virtue? Some might say goodness, morality, and character. Aristotle, one of the greatest Greek philosophers, said virtue consisted of four elements (prudence, temperance, courage, and justice) and was the foundation for any effective action. 259 more words

Machiavelli's Three Key Concepts

If a political scientist were asked who might be the most misunderstood writer of political theory, he would probably have the name of Machiavelli high on his list.  900 more words


Machiavelli’s Prince: Power, states and principalities

Prudence and the Prince

A pragmatic Italian, a realist and a contemporary political philosopher, Machiavelli was a prudent advisor to the Florentine Republic. The Prince was written in a period of the Renaissance, when Europe was plunged into multitudes of warring periods between states and princes, for the struggle of power. 439 more words


Solo per genitori

C’era una volta un ragazzo di nome Ben.
Lavorava in una tipografia.
Ma il negozio era di suo fratello maggiore, e non andavano tanto d’accordo. 569 more words


Disappearing Email is the New Luxury Tech for Adults

Jennifer Lawrence. Secretary Colin Powell. John Podesta. Amy Pascal. Ian Mellul. Are you next?

Of course I’m talking about people who have suffered personal embarrassment and potentially a loss of professional stature because of private emails being released to the public. 1,174 more words


ㅅNon si può fare niente al mondo senza coraggio. È la virtù più grande insieme all'onore.ㅅ

Spesso non diamo il giusto valore al coraggio che possediamo. Forse c’è chi ne ha di più, ma in fondo, anche se avete tentato è fallito, avete già vinto. 25 more words