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6 Gorgeous Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

Technology in video games has come a long way. In early 1990s video game character was just used to be made out of pixels and that was considered as “Amazing” at their time of release. 669 more words


National bikini day?!

Today is national bikini day. Just let that soak in for a bit, granted it marks the anniversary of the invention of said garment but it still seems somewhat overblown to give it a whole twenty four hours of fanfare and publicity. 368 more words


PSVR's Virtua Fighter Demo goes Terribly Wrong

Sony held a press conference behind closed doors early this morning to demonstrate the upcoming PSVR game: Virtua Fighter VR. On the stage a demonstrator wore the PSVR headset and as the house lights went down the audience anticipated a view a live stream of the game. 609 more words


First Impressions

These past few months, I’ve been working on a couple more retrospective articles not unlike the one I wrote for The Legend of Zelda back when Breath of the Wild launched last month. 1,622 more words

Professor Icepick

Five Video Game TV Shows You Didn't Know About

While the movie studios have no clue how to translate a video game, since unlike books they’ve never grown up with them and they can’t even get books right often enough, television creators, especially the world of animation, have had much better success. 240 more words

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