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Classic Gaming- Virtua Fighter: (1993)

There have been many big titles that have had a huge impact on the gaming industry during the 90’s decade.  It was the time period where gaming started to evolve and become more realistic in various genres.   517 more words


Figma Virtua Fighter Figures

Do you remember playing the classic Sega 3D fighter Virtua Fighter in the arcades?  Relive the video game fighting magic as two popular Virtua Fighter characters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant get the Figma action figure treatment.  94 more words


Robotic Akira from Virtua Fighter perhaps the most terrifying thing to walk the earth

When people talk about the supposedly impending ‘rise of the machines’, in which the technology we have created turns against us and rules over us with an iron, circuit-filled fist, it’s unlikely the thought that said machines will be practicing martial artists has crossed many a paranoid mind. 150 more words


Tekken (PS1) - Retro Bits

Tekken, desarrollado por Namco, apareció en arcades en 1994 y en el Playstation en 1995.

Es uno de los primeros juegos de pelea poligonales y tomó varios conceptos del juego de… 412 more words