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Yomi Review (PC)


Are you interested in fighting games, but don’t have the time or dexterity to compete at the highest levels? Or do you simply want to dive deep into the genre’s characteristic strategy and mind games without worrying about executing perfect combos and special moves? 1,202 more words


SHENMUE: The Troubled History

After over a decade of extinction the Shenmue saga finally rose from the dead when Shenmue 3 was announced at Sony 2015’s E3 conference to overwhelming applause. 1,203 more words

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Workshop Bajiquan Fundamentals & Push Hands - Bandung, 14/06/2015

Kami dari Perguruan Energi Alam Semesta-宇宙混元氣武館 sangat berterima kasih kepada Yayasan Minnan Bandung, panitia dan para peserta Workshop Bajiquan Fundamentals & Push-hands di Bandung, atas terselenggaranya acara ini hingga terlaksana dengan sukses. 54 more words

Ilmu Beladiri


Ok. I have been a tad bit of a Sluggish Sam. (Is that even a thing? I know I’ve heard of “Nagging Nancy” or “Doubting Debbie”…well, if it isn’t, it is now!) I’m just getting around to Nintendo’s… 536 more words


Today in Smash: Ryu in Smash, Tekken and Virtua Fighter Mii Fighters, Smash Controller app | Hoy en Smash: Llegan Ryu, los Mii Fighters de Tekken y Virtua Fighter, y la app Smash Controller

[EN]: In today’s 30-minute Smash Nintendo Direct, Masahiro Sakurai shared many news with the audience including the arrival of Roy (Fire Emblem), Lucas (Mother 3) and Ryu (Street Fighter). 552 more words


Megaman.EXE Makes Debut As One Of Eight New Mii Fighter Costumes Released For Super Smash Bros.

The latest addition of the high-popular crossover fighting title Super Smash Bros., alongside a new cast of memorable fighters, also feature the option to add yourself into the fray as your very own character through the use of your own personal… 171 more words


Smash Bros Direct Recap and Review (Sorta)

Today, June 14 2015, Nintendo aired their Super Smash Bros. Direct as a pre-E3 kickoff. The direct revealed and discussed DLC and new features for Super Smash Bros. 559 more words

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