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What's so different about Siri?

Siri as a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a computer program or an agent that assists a user by performing some operations. Siri is one of the best virtual assistant available today. 284 more words

Virtually an Office Angel...

With my experience so far in trying to write killer proposals to stand out from the crowd and win contracts, I wanted to share the highs and lows of becoming a Virtual Assistant.  239 more words

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What Do You Mean By Data Entry?

When I speak to people about our virtual assistant services we provide, the first question is what type of data entry do we do? I decided to clarify so you can make a more informed decision as to whether you need our services or you know someone who could benefit. 145 more words

Virtual Assistance

You can and should say no.

I recently had the most fantastic opportunity to work virtually with an international entrepreneur, who found me via LinkedIn! It would’ve paid the bills for quite a few months, but the project was outside of my comfort zone, so I knew I couldn’t deliver as well as someone who had the influential international contacts he needed. 288 more words

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#smallbizFriday pledge

We’ve pledged to offer 10% off any of the below packages

purchased on smallbizFriday’s monthly for 2016.

Concierge Services package = 5 errands per month… 61 more words


Reactive vs Proactive

Is a change of career to a Virtual Assistant really right for you?

Reactive: Reacting to an instruction rather than anticipating what’s needed.

Proactive… 498 more words

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Top 3 Distractions of Working from Home

It is pretty easy to get distracted and procrastinate while at work, even more so if the place where you work is also your home. These are the top 3 distractions you will face and some tips to deal with them. 364 more words