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The Story of Made in Monique

“I design machines that check car parts so they don’t malfunction and kill people. I save lives.” 

This is what I used to tell myself almost daily when I was an automotive technologist. 538 more words

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Can Becoming A Virtual Assistant Be A Full-time Career?

Virtual Assistant Services has primarily become an edge for small and big companies to help them successfully run their business. Hiring virtual assistants grew closer as to hiring employees onsite. 497 more words

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Generating Design Ideas

Being a creative and having to constantly generate ideas is difficult. We have to be continually replenished in order to make more. It’s a good job that we are constantly surrounding by amazing and inspiring things in the world. 148 more words

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Business Grow?

Virtual Assistant Services are often a foreign concept in today’s market, but its potential and benefits are helping it increase in market consciousness.

The main question is this: 937 more words

Scheduling and Meetings - Tools To Help Your Business Flow!

Meetings don’t just happen by themselves. They require forward thinking, a little bit of planning and securing a place to hold them.

Whether you need to host a group meeting, schedule consultations or weekly check-ins with your clients, there are many programs out there to help you get a little organised with your appointments and consultations. 399 more words


Is your business stressing you out or excluding you from your social life? Are you having difficulties handling your business because of all the tasks just piling up? 204 more words

Who’s running your business…part 2.

Well, most of everything I said two weeks about niches, I take back.  I wasn’t exactly on board with the whole niche thing anyway.  I know that is what the experts say to do, narrow down a niche so you know who you are marketing to, and become an expert, yada yada.  450 more words