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Who's running your business? If it's not you, then there's a problem.

Over the last months, I have received a lot of advice from my mentor, from other virtual assistants, business coaches, you name it.  And the majority of them have said that I need to choose a niche for my VA business.  482 more words

Kicking the Toner Cartridge Habit

This week, I refilled an HP 63 black toner cartridge for the first time. The cartridges cost about $15 each, and they go fast when you print multiple copies of manuscripts for workshops or clients. 254 more words

Virtual Assistance

It is all temporary!

Last Friday was a really bad day for me.  Not in the ‘I just don’t want to work’ kind of way, but the go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and cry kind of feel bad. 312 more words

4 Effect of Working with The VA Hub, Inc.

Nowadays, most of the people chose to work at home because they found out that it’s convenient, its safe and you have a peace of mind. 309 more words


I am an overthinker, there I’ve said it.  I can admit my shortcomings and overthinking is definitely one of them because it has caused more problems in my life than I can put down in words.  222 more words

So many business cards, so little time

Yesterday Time Saving Heroes had the pleasure of exhibiting at The Big Bolton Expo, hosted by thebestofBolton.  Having attended a number of different expos, both as an exhibitor and a delegate over the past three years, I can honestly say this was hands down the most professional, friendly and well run event I’ve been to. 607 more words

Virtual Assistance

Overcoming the stress of being an Overachiever.

I read an article recently about this and I will share the link to it below.  A huge portion of the working population is overachievers.  And that’s great; don’t get me wrong – all of us should strive to do our very best every day we are on this planet.  194 more words