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SEEDLabs: Lab Environment Setup

In order to practice all the labs in the SEEDSLabs web site, we need to setup the environment of lab. Here is the instruction mentioned in the SEEDLabs website,  578 more words

Computer Security

VirtualBox 4.3.28 Released

Download: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • VMM: fixed a Guru Meditation when rebooting certain guests (for example Solaris doing fast reboot) by fixing the implementation for INIT IPI…
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Virtual box, Vagrant and docker to setup & up machines instantly

Its always a pain point to test application on different operating systems with all the dependency software installed that your application might require. It would be nice if we get a pre-configured box where we add all the required softwares (databases, web servers etc.) and just use one command to bring it up and later hand over the same box to ops/admins who can just bring it up with one command without messing around with dependency software and versions. 430 more words


Softlinks in VirtualBox Shared Folders

Wenn man versucht einen symbolischen Link (unter Linux) in einer Virtual Box in den Shared Folder zu erzeugen, dann wird das mit dem folgenden Fehler quitiert. 47 more words

How to share folder between Windows XP(running on VM) and Ubuntu

After having all things set up i.e. Installing VirtualBox, Installing OS on VirtualBox, you might have wondering how to share something between Ubuntu(Primary OS) and XP(on VM). 151 more words


Education Series Part 01: Cent OS 7 - Initial Install and VM Configuration

Oracle VM Virtual Box, I’ve set aside 1 GB of ram, 2 processors, and 15 GB of hard drive space (I have a small internal hard drive).   409 more words


CentOS 7 - Virtual Box Fresh Install for Education

In order to study, practice, and pass my RHCSA eventually I need to work in a Red Hat environment, and to do this I am going to do it in… 297 more words