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Kali Linux unable to install VBox Guest Additions after upgrade

I’ve searched far and wide and found numerous answers to this question, but none of them seem to work…SO, if they don’t work for you then please try this one. 222 more words

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Emulation Part 1: Virtual Box

Virtual Box

This is going to be a part 1 about emulation.  Before we discuss Virtual Box, you might be wondering, what is emulation. Well, emulation, at least in terms of computing, is when one uses software on their computer to make it act like software from a previous era.

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Get Started with Installation!!!

In a video that I prepare, you can see the installation process step by step.

To Complete our task we must install the Guest OS to use it Later, or boot from a live CD From the hypervisor. 77 more words

mounting shared folder

I am adding this snippet in preparation for the geotag extraction tutorial. I save the following code as mountdir.sh (specifying which directory in place of dir since I have multiple mounted drives). 108 more words


Publish system and custom apache spark metrics to Grafana via spark GraphiteSink and InfluxDB and Graphite Enpoint on Ubuntu

Goal: see apache spark application and our custom spark metrics in Grafana

1) add dependency spark project pom.xml:


2) Initialize and add gauge for UserMetricsSystem: 933 more words

Share A Folder Between Virtual Box Host And Guest Machines

Sharing files or folders between Virtual box’s host machine and virtual guest machine’s operating system is restricted by default. Here’s how you can enable the folder sharing between them in the respective Windows 10 and Windows 7 operating systems; 201 more words


Install Windows 7 On A Virtual Machine via Oracle Virtual Box

Here’s how you can install another virtual operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows 7 within an already installed operating system i.e. Windows 10.

First, make sure you have an ISO image file of your desired operating system i.e. 489 more words