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Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite


Please note that this appliance is for testing purposes only, as such it is unsupported and should not to be used in a production environment. 145 more words


Linux Environment: the failure and the success

This is not a tutorial. Nooooo, this is just to keep track of my progress. Or if I made any progress at all. If you’re asking for tips, I’m going to redirect you to the sites/articles/videos etc. 529 more words


Sir, Kernel Virtualbox, Yes Sir!

I am still using Korora Linux (and it is great) which is based on Fedora and as such I found the Linux Kernel is updated more frequently than on, say, Linux Mint. 292 more words


VirtualBox with SOA, BPM, OSB and BAM in 33 minutes by Peter van Nes

The Oracle Quick Start installers for Developers are great for probably many developers, but they are limited. Shutting down (or crashing of) JDeveloper will shutdown the domain and there are separate Quick Start installers for SOA and BPM suite. 209 more words


Virtual Box

I have two different VMs but decided to venture out with Oracle’s Virtual Box first. I haven’t used anything O except SQL, so it’s a new adventure. 174 more words


VirtualBox 5.1 Released

VirtualBox 5.1 has been released. This is a major update.  Download here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

VirtualBox 5.1 (released 2016-07-12)

This is a major update. The following major new features were added: 330 more words


Windows 98 + Virtual Machine + 256 colors - part 2

Recently, (Windows 98 + Virtual Machine + 256 colors – part 1 — https://twentymegahertz.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/windows-98-virtual-machine-256-colors-part-1/) I was trying to install a 3D walkthrough application that was developed in later half of 1998 as a technology demonstration for the Intel Pentium III, which was launched in mid 1999. 73 more words