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Multiple Operating System in One PC.(Virtual Box) (1)

We can install more than one operating system in a single pc but for switching from one OS to another we have to restart the system . 57 more words


Can't Open "Shared Folders" Ubuntu Virtual Box

For example you have setting “shared folders” in Virtual Box and name your share folder with “d_folder”. When you open your share folder in Ubuntu, it must error like below : 47 more words

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openSUSE Virtual box kernel error

Hello again, another problem I’ve been encountering comes as following. I used to use Virtual box on my openSUSE tumbleweed box but at some point it would complain about the kernel modules missing. 113 more words


Install VirtulBox GuestAddition through command line in CentOS

  1. Install VM VirtualBox Extension Pack from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads. (make sure to select the extension pack having the version number that matches your VirtualBox version number)
  2. Run the following command in your CentOS console …
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Booted Boot Camp: WIN10 on Mac

Although Apple has provided Boot Camp for those who likes to have Windows OS on their system, it is still a daunting task because of its complicated installation process. 425 more words


IP Configuration for Virtual box

  1. check virtual machine’s IP address
  2. set the Network adapter of the virtual machine to host only (restart VM afterwards for changes to take effect)
  3. set the host machine IP address of the host only Network adapter within the correct IP range of the virtual machines IP address…
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Setup Kali Linux on Virtual Box

Welcome again to my blog, today we will see how to setup kali linux to work on virtual box.

Required: A working PC with any OS, Virtual Box ( 113 more words

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