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VDI: What is it?


Though VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been there for a decade, but still it could be easily misunderstood.

The article aims to provide a simple definition of VDI, which will be easy to understand and also easy to digest. 266 more words

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

What is VDI Networking? A Must Read

The abbreviation VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure. A facility called the datacenter is used to keep computer systems and the components associated with it, such as any storage or telecommunication system. 424 more words

The Real Software Revolution? It's in the Data Center.

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Sometimes, behind-the-scenes work is more important than the up-front stars. 843 more words


Thin clients

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, refers to the method of running a user desktop within a virtual machine that lives on a server within the datacenter.  76 more words

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure