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Differencing Disk

Differencing disk is a Virtual Hard Disk(VHD) that kept changes from another VHD or to the guest operating system. By using Differencing disks, it is possible to maintain information about changes made so that they can be reversed if necessary. 150 more words


Intalling NetApp vsim

Here we install NetApp vsim on VMware Vsphere for the practice purpose. For this we have to download the NetApp Clustered Data On Tap simulator from NetApp and unpack it in some folder. 588 more words

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TrueCrypt: It last bow

TrueCrypt is a discontinued free disk encryption utility for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a free and shared-source alternative to BitLocker, but is not restricted to the high-end editions of Windows and does not need Trusted Platform Module (TPM). 915 more words

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How to increase the VMware VIrtual Machine Hard Disk, and OS Hard Disk within the Virtual Machine

Many of the time we create a VMware virtual machine with a small amount of (e.g. 6 GB) for Virtual Disk. After a while, we face “low disk space” error. 187 more words

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Retrieve \ Copy data from a Switched off Virtual machine (Hyper-V)

· Copy the Virtual Machine HDD File to your local machine. In Hyper-V the Virtual Machine Hard disk stored as files ie, VHD.

· Go to Computer management > Disk Management. 88 more words


Native Virtual hard disk (VHD)

Native Virtual hard disk (VHD) is used by virtualization packages, such as Microsoft Virtual PC and by the Microsoft Hyper-V-based virtualization system. The enhancement in R2 from previous releases of Windows includes instance mobility, centralized deployment, offline servicing of computer images, backup, and multiple-instance VHD management.

Configuring AD Roles And Services (14%)

(Hyper-V) Resizing the VHD by Using GUI or CMD

Hi there,
In this article, I want to show you how to expand the virtual hard disk of the virtual machine by using Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. 410 more words

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