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Click & Ready: Setup a virtual training classroom

For our upcoming event “BusinessObjects Arbeitskreis” or simply BOAK (www.boak.ch) we are providing hands-on sessions to participants. We’ve used Cloudshare as a platform for multiple years now to provide every participant with its own virtual machine environment. 497 more words


Network Types in Virtual Box

NAT: Shares same IP as the host.┬áComputer acts as if it’s alone on the network.

NAT Network: More than one virtual machine can connect to the network. 153 more words

360 Virtual Lab Tour allows public to look round four British animal laboratories

Understanding Animal Research has worked with four institutions, MRC Harwell, The Pirbright Institute, the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford, to create a virtual ‘street view’ tour of their laboratories. 384 more words


CP33 - Spring Break


  • Friday, April 7th

Recap – Virtual Lab

  • patterns?
  • ideas?
  • challenges?

New Fun! More Virtual Lab

  • Try: Stoichiometry and Limiting Reagents –> Oracle Problem
  • Try: Quantitative Analysis –> Unknown Concentration Problem…
  • 27 more words

CH27 - Titration 1


  • P1 – Thursday, March 23rd
  • P3 – Wednesday, March 22nd
  • P5 – Thursday, March 23rd

Virtual Lab Notes

  • demonstration of use of burets
  • what is an indicator?
  • 41 more words

CH22 - Gravimetric Analysis


  • P1 – Thursday, March 9th
  • P3 – Friday, March 10th
  • P5 – Friday, March 10th


  • There is no quiz today

Recap Ideas from Lab… 59 more words


CH21 - Virtual Lab


  • P1 – Tuesday, March 7th
  • P3 – Wednesday, March 8th
  • P5 – Thursday, March 9th

Starting Notes