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Building our SQL server and SCCM SQL Instance

So now we are going to create and SQL server, this will also be our SCCM server further down the road.

So, follow the same process we used to create the File server and create an SQL server. 583 more words

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New ISO Shared Drive

Creating our primary ISO Share drive.

So now we have our File server, with a nice big chunk of space. First think you want to do it RDP to the server, or Console to it. 343 more words

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Creating our File Server

The next server we are going to be building is our File server. This will provide shared storage for our Environment. From Shared drives, to home profiles, and much more. 508 more words

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My virtual lab

This article has two purposes. It is the second part of the Mikrotik IPSec series and, at the same time, a short virtualization guide. I will present how we can simulate most common scenarios them in virtual environment. 2,064 more words


AD Structure and Security Groups

The small stuff!

I was going to leave this bit out, or go over it briefly but we may as well cover it in its entirety.  348 more words

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Creating our Domain, and configuring DHCP and DNS

Once our server has rebooted with the roles and features added, we need to then configure them.

Firstly open Server Manger, select the Warning sign, and then “Promote this Server to a domain controller” 653 more words

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Building our First Server - the DC

Now we are going to build our first Server. This will be our Domain controller.
Remember the amount of time it took to build the first one? 253 more words

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