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The Joy of Audiobooks - Bookish

Goodreads has an awesome post on their blog about audio books. It got me thinking about how much I love them and the reasons why. 372 more words


Weeks 8, 9, and 10 - Virtual Library Project Help

Citations, fair use of materials, plagiarism and copyright are all not to be taken lightly and are important topics every librarian spends time addressing. I spent three weeks covering my standards related to these topics through teaching our Virtual Library Project Help section. 437 more words


Week 7: Virtual Library Videos

Who doesn’t love watching videos online? I don’t know how many hours an average kid watches YouTube videos, but I’m sure it’s shocking. I know it is in my house.  477 more words


Week 6 : Virtual Library Databases (again)

Databases are a great resource. But I can’t seem to get my students to feel the same way. My last database lesson on World Book kids didn’t go so great, so I’m trying again, this time with Ebsco Explora. 861 more words


Web – Bibliothèque virtuelle du Mont-Saint-Michel

Accès : ici

Le site de la Bibliothèque virtuelle du Mont Saint-Michel permet d’accéder aux notices descriptives et aux fac-similés de livres, manuscrits ou imprimés, qui peuvent être identifiés comme ayant appartenu, à un moment de leur histoire, à l’abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel. 2,785 more words


Week 5: Virtual Library eBooks

My eBook circulation isn’t great. I’ve heard the same from so many other elementary librarians. Do your elementary students read eBooks? I struggle to create interest in eBooks, but dedicating an occasional class period to remind students of our eBook resources seems to help. 582 more words


Week 4: Virtual Library Newspapers

Are newspapers dying? In print form, statistically, yes. But it’s more important than ever for our students to read and understand legitimate news sources online. This was not a lesson to determine fake news from valid sources, but navigating through our local paper and being exposed to this type of print media was a good start. 417 more words