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apt-get through proxy server

Again working behind firewall through proxy server is sometimes troublesome.

normally, you can export “http_proxy” to set a proxy for most process. However, to install software with apt-get, if the previous method doesn’t work. 40 more words


Using a virtual machine to run 32-bit software on a modern PC

In this post, I’ll talk about how to set up a virtual machine on a PC, in order to run outdated software that may have been optimized for a different version of Windows. 845 more words

Visual Studio 2015 ALM Virtual Machine

There is finally a new Brian Keller Virtual Machine (BK VM) available, only it is no longer Brian Keller who is in charge.

The new home of the VM is the… 28 more words


Troubleshooting - Can't Delete Azure Resource Group

Can’t Delete an Azure Resource Group

Recently, I hit a wall. I wasn’t able to delete my Azure Resource Groups and got quite frustrated… I’m writing this post, with hopes that you may save some time, frustration and energy with your ongoing challenge. 465 more words

Microsoft Azure

SSH login on a VirtualBox VM using NAT

I find it useful to have a virtual machine running in the background, to test and explore stuff without the risk of breaking my main host. 436 more words


Destroy Vagrant boxes properly

I’ve changed the root of the project twice since its beginning, so Vagrant kept some info in the cache about old boxes that were not there anymore. 125 more words