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Problems logging into newly created vCloud Air virtual machine.

Have you created a virtual machine but are having problems logging in?

If you visit my last post on virtual machine creation in vCloud Air , you will see that there were no options to preselect usernames and passwords for the vm. 151 more words


Creating a virtual machine on vCloud Air

Objective here is to create a new virtual machine in vCloud Air.

As you can see I have no virtual machines in my Virtual Data Center… 255 more words


Cara Membuat VM di VMWare vSphere

VMWare vSphere adalah salah satu teknologi virtualisasi dimana kita dapat membuatmesin virtual di dalamnya tanpa perlu bentuk fisik dari hardwarenya. vSphere sudah mensupport hingga untuk sistem operasi Macintosh. 441 more words


VM won’t start with (Failed to create or access memory contents) error

This week I faced a problem in my Server that when trying to start a VM from a Failover cluster I faced the following error message: 44 more words

Windows Server

Cloud Development for Community Projects

How CloudShare has enabled me to contribute to SharePoint community projects

Until recently if you wanted to contribute to an open source or community-based software project in your spare / volunteer time it often meant having to build a full-scale software development environment on your home / personal computer, including substantial CPU cores / RAM / disk hardware and numerous software licenses, with a potential cost of thousands of dollars. 1,614 more words


Setup Rails environment on Windows 7

So it has been a while since I did any rails development using a Windows machine. Recently I had to setup a devenv towards that end. 241 more words