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Nagios and Ubuntu 64-bit 14.04 LTS Setup & Configuration

1st – The Virtual Machine

First I created a virtual machine for use with VMware Fusion on OS-X. Once I got a nice clean Ubuntu 14.04 image setup I installed SSH on it so I could manage it as if it were a headless (i.e. 1,874 more words


Cannot power off or reset virtual machine in vSphere

Had a vm that after a reboot would not come up.

Tried to do a reset and then the reset just hung there for a long time. 128 more words


The Start of What I Hope To Be A Very Solid Foundation

I figure: Since of how I put the about page and what not of this site, I’ll simply begin by listing and going over the knowledge that I have come to posses in the last three months. 272 more words


So you want to host multiple SSL websites on one Azure VM?

Azure Virtual Machines (Windows-based, for the sake of this post), come with only one public IP address in the standard out-of-box configurations.

This is ok for hosting multiple websites on a single VM, if they’re only running on HTTP (port 80) … 690 more words


The Storage Requirements for 100% Virtualization

After a rapid move from test to production, virtualization of existing servers in many companies seems to slow down. While it is true that most data centers have adopted a virtualize first philosophy, getting those older, mission critical workloads virtualized seems to be a thorny issue. 1,255 more words


Azure Executive Brief: Web Apps, Cloud Services and Virtual Machines

There’s a lot of documentation on Azure that quickly dives off into technical details. Rather than write another one, I put together this 30,000 foot view of the three “main” ways to put your product in front of your customer via Azure based on my own hands-on experience over the past two years. 684 more words

Linux - Virtual Machine for Development

Linux is impressive not because its free but because its open source. I got into Linux when working on Raspberry Pi on a Debian based Operating System (Raspbian). 362 more words