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Arch Vbox Install Afterthoughts.

I’ve completed setting up an Arch Linux install on a Virtual Machine on my laptop.  I use VirtualBox for my virtual machines because it’s free and has all the features that I have needed so far.  999 more words


Installing Synology NAS on Virtual Machine

Always starts with virtual machine

Let’s us start with installing the Disk Station on virtual machine, before we install it on real hardware. A standard 4-bay Synology NAS could cost more than USD 450 alone, without any hard drive installed. 526 more words


Impression Fraud via Virtual Machines?

Received this message from… someone.

This blog has jumped the shark. You seem to have stopped digging and there is so much more dirt to uncover here.

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Running mysql server in windows server virtual machine in azure

  • Create a windows server vm in azure.
  • go to the endpoints and open up Remote desktop(62500) & Mysql(3306) Ports.
  • after the vm has started up properly, use the Windows Remote Desktop to connect to the vm.
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Hitachi’s HSP Hyper-Converged Appliance makes Big Data Analytics fit the Enterprise

Big Data Analytics uses distributed computing architectures, on platforms like Hadoop, to run large processing jobs on even larger datasets. Since data being processed in a Hadoop environment usually needs to be resident on the compute nodes themselves, this can mean copying large numbers of files across the network for each job run. 1,596 more words


Установка ESXi Embedded Host Client

Иногда для выполнения каких-то работ необходимо подключаться напрямую к гипревизору, можно это сделать несколькими путями

  1. Установить толстый клиент, не очень удобно
  2. Через утилиты командной строки, таких как PowerCLI, тоже скажем не очень удобно, и это уже для продвинутых.
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File sharing between the host machine and virtual machine

It is convent to have a shared folder between the host machine and virtual so there is no need to copy files between the two.

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