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A Windows User's Plan for Creating a Linux Mint System

(This post summarizes the situation I faced in summer 2016, as I wavered between Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux Mint. I did not publish it at that point because some related posts were not yet finished.) 670 more words

Use of Temporary Disk in Azure

In general, the Azure Virtual machines use the persistent disks. These disks do not affects the data written even after reboots, start, stop or any other lifecycle events. 181 more words

Virtual Machine Run States - Azure

It is very important to know the states of Virtual Machines, as they play a key role in the billing and may affect the organization monthly bill. 100 more words

Performance related issue with VM(s).

If you are experiencing performance issue in your environment, you can ask the below questions to isolate the problem first hand.

  • Logical approach to isolate the problem should be where is the performance issue identified, that is, …
  • 253 more words

How To Use More Than One Operating System on A Computer

There are currently very many operating systems in the market designed for different tasks such as suse for administration,kali for hacking, windows for gaming and many more. 397 more words


Product Trial Strategies

Selling big complex products is always a challenge.  I recently was asked why not make the product simply available on the cloud for free sign-up and access so that people can try it out for free.  788 more words


Install JDK9 on Linux Mint

In this article we will see how we can install JDK9 i.e. Oracle Java 9 on Linux mint version.

Execute the below commands in sequence on Linux Mint machine: 127 more words