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Java and the Latin Mass

Most people who know me know that I hate Macs. Unfortunately, I have to use them for work purposes (and it seems, I am using it even for this very blog for the time being, as my PC is on the cusp of giving up the ghost so have to wait until I can muster up enough £££ to get a new one). 480 more words


What Is the Storage Resiliency of Windows Server 2016?

In this article, I will explain how storage resiliency decreases downtime to virtual machines that are running on Windows Server 2016 (WS2016) Hyper-V. This is caused by transient storage issues. 868 more words


Creating a Custom Scripting Language For In-Game Events

Let’s start by going back to the late 1970s, shortly after Chuck Jones himself was frozen. In 1977 a bunch of guys at MIT were working on the groundbreaking text adventure game ZORK. 644 more words

Creating a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a Virtual Machine, and go over some basic features. Let’s start with choosing a Windows Server under the Recommended (or Operating Systems) category. 294 more words


Linux Beginner's Guide Part 1

Linux is Everywhere!

(I won’t bother you too much with this introduction because I know how excited I was when I started for the first time to learn Linux. 849 more words


Download and install Oracle VirtualBox Free

Download and install Oracle VirtualBox Free

Oracle VirtualBox (Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is one of the best free open-source hypervisor software available, developed at this moment by Oracle Corporation. 137 more words