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Technology - Windows 10 Build 9926

Finally jumping into the fray and trying out Windows 10. I have build 9926 running as a VM in VMware Workstation 11.1. Installed with the following specifications for testing. 61 more words


A Dev and Test Adventure on #Azure

Back in 2013 I wrote about creating a Dev & Test environments in minutes. This post was all about the benefits and the flexibility of creating environments that support our development efforts. 483 more words

Microsoft Azure

Azure Automation - Creating your Automation Credential

Azure Automation Components

Automation Account: The Automation Account is a placeholder for your other objects which include Runbooks, Assets, Scale configuration, etc.
Assets: An Asset can be a "Connection", a "Credential", a "Variable", or a "Schedule" object which can be linked or referenced in your Runbooks. 828 more words


Forgive me? It's been manic....

So, its now been three months since my last post on the Diary. My most sincere apologies to anyone who may read this. I’ve had a few housing problems in the past few months which have meant that work and finding a home have taken priority but now the home stuff is sorted. 317 more words


Breaking Dridex Malware with Excel Macro Password Exploit

recently posted a new chapter in his adventures in malware deconstruction. This time the culprit was an infected Excel spreadsheet file. The .xls file was attached to a phishing email claiming to be related to a tax rebate. 431 more words

Security Hacks

Bacula Enterprise is changing the definition of Open-source Backup Software

For many in IT, the term “open source software” conjures images of inexpensive but powerful programs that require a lot attention to keep running. They’re often a better fit for organizations with more time than money; unfortunately, most organizations don’t have enough of either. 1,049 more words


Native, Managed, Interpreted

Someone asked on Twitter what a “native” app was. I answered with:

“There is no virtual machine or interpreter that a native app runs on.

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