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Difference between a point particle and an extended particle

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Physics textbooks and educational websites still contain information saying that elementary particles are point particles. This is not entirely correct. Modern physics theories such as String Theory start with the axiom that all physical entities have spatial extension however small they may be. 526 more words


An introduction to virtual particles

In one of my posts on the rules of quantum math, I introduced the propagator function, which gives us the amplitude for a particle to go from one place to another. 1,779 more words


Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes and Washing Machines

There are many great mysteries in space and laundry rooms. Black holes are now pretty much accepted as fact. For many years it was thought that black holes were like the vacuum cleaners of space. 583 more words


Feynman diagrams in 5 minutes

From my textbook: Feynman diagrams are pictorial representations of particle interactions. These diagrams rely on interaction vertices in representing particular interactions and exchanges between (normally) elementary particles. 422 more words


Theory of 'Virtual Particles' Regarding Spontaneous Pure Fusion Nuclear Energy - Basic Primer

Theory of ‘Virtual Particles’ Regarding Spontaneous Pure Nuclear Fusion Energy – Basic Primer

How and Why Coulomb’s Fusion Barrier is False:

“The Coulomb barrier, named after Coulomb’s law, which is named after physicist Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736–1806), is the energy barrier due to electrostatic interaction that two nuclei need to overcome so they can get close enough to undergo a nuclear reaction. 2,446 more words

The Secret Of Pure Fusion Bombs And Triggers

The Biocentric Universe


First Principle of Biocentrism: What one perceives as reality is a process that involves ones consciousness. An external reality, if existed, would by definition have to exist in space. 4,720 more words


“The myriad things return to the one: what does the one return to?”

In the vastness of the universe there arises everywhere what are called “virtual” particles, particles that appear out of the nothingness of space and immediately return to it in such a way that they are not considered to be “real”. 481 more words