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Shopping The Old Curiosity

“Still got questions, Moire.”

“This’ll be your last shot this year, Mr Feder.  What’s the question?”

“They say a black hole absorbs all the light that falls on it. 705 more words

Red Harvest

<continued> Al’s coffee shop was filling up as word got around about Anne in her white satin.  I saw a few selfie-takers in the physics crowd surreptitiously edge over to get her into their background.  716 more words

Virtual Particles and the Science of 'Nothingness' (Quantum Field Theory)

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle was formulated in 1927 – but scientific thinking has not stood still since then. Heisenberg stated that it is impossible to simultaneously accurately fix (or measure) the position and momentum of a sub-atomic particle. 416 more words

Human Interest

The Known Rangers

On extremely small scales, known as the Planck length, matter can simply pop in and out of existence.  So much for the old adage.

https://bardofmars.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/the-known-rangers.mp3… 7 more words


Hawking Radiation: A Brief Introduction

Hawking radiation (a phenomenon first theorised by Professor Stephen Hawking in a 1975 paper entitled ‘Particle Creation by Black Holes’ [1]) is what happens when virtual particles form near the horizon of a black hole. 259 more words

Daily Insights

An introduction to virtual particles (2)

When reading quantum mechanics, it often feels like the more you know, the less you understand. My reading of the Yukawa theory of force, as an exchange of virtual particles (see… 947 more words


Baseball And The Virtual Particle

Al was pouring my mugful of his morning blend (“If it doesn’t wake you up we’ll call the doctor“) when Jeremy stepped into the counter.  706 more words