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Opera Browser Piles On More Privacy With Free VPN Feature

The Opera browser last month gained a built-in ad-blocking feature to help set it apart from the pack, and now it has made itself even more distinctive with a free virtual private network (VPN) feature. 282 more words


Who Should Use a VPN?

In the modern world online security is becoming more and more important. The internet is used for all sorts of reasons, potentially putting users at risk. 483 more words

This home VPN router setup protects your data wherever you are

”It is possible — and increasingly common — for malicious people to ‘sniff’ traffic on public Wi-Fi networks, looking for information,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Intego. 288 more words


What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a way of using the Internet to provide remote users with secure access to their network. Data is scrambled as it’s sent through the Internet ensuring privacy. 316 more words

Computer Data Security and Encryption Mechanisms Used in Data Communication

A company must secure their sensitive information and transactions to protect them from hackers. There are many ways a company can secure its data transfers. Few of the data encryption mechanisms are listed below.1. 257 more words

Dvorak: You need a VPN, or you're screwed

”I’ve been using various VPNs for at least 15 years, maybe longer. Everyone should be on a VPN,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “Especially now that they have been perfected and commoditized.” 207 more words


Producing a podcast

I’d like to introduce you to my podcast.  It’s not related to this blog really, but I wanted to plug it here.  It’s called The Fairly Odd Couple Podcast… 117 more words