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What Is a Virtual Server and Do I Need One?

If you have a growing or large Internet presence with numerous websites or a website that is quite large, you may want to consider your own virtual server. 406 more words

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a way of using the Internet to provide remote users with secure access to their network. Data is scrambled as it’s sent through the Internet ensuring privacy. 316 more words

Virtual Private Network and Dialup Connectivity Modem Strings

What to do when your dialup has intermittent network connectivity? Q u e s t i o nWhat do you do if you reside in a rural area, and your are constantly having problems connecting; when the modem tries to connect, it appears to be retraining continuously and then it either connects at a poor connection rate, or fails to connect at all.A n s w e r Due to the location, it may be necessary to lower the speed you connect at, as your modem is unable to maintain the faster V90 speeds.If you are running Windows 95/98/ME, just add the appropriate modem string from the list below.To find out what type of modem you have installed, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel then Modems. 230 more words

PDA and VPN Treo Troubleshooting Guide

SIM Cards hold programming information for the GSM network along with all personal settings and data.Palm Desktop Software
The software included with the Treo installs the drivers that enables synchronization with Palm Desktop software or Microsoft Outlook for Windows or the Microsoft Outlook Exchange server via Goodlink ServiceGoodlink gives you… 622 more words

Virtual Private Networks - The Basics

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can extend a local area network (LAN) over the Internet to remote networks and remote client machines. A VPN uses the Internet to route LAN traffic from one location to another by encapsulating the data inside encrypted IP packets. 862 more words

Opera Browser Piles On More Privacy With Free VPN Feature

The Opera browser last month gained a built-in ad-blocking feature to help set it apart from the pack, and now it has made itself even more distinctive with a free virtual private network (VPN) feature. 282 more words


Who Should Use a VPN?

In the modern world online security is becoming more and more important. The internet is used for all sorts of reasons, potentially putting users at risk. 483 more words