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How Chalkboards Save Water

The first thing I did when we moved into our home was paint a wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard is the center of communication in our home. 249 more words

Food And Water

Virtual Water : what can't be seen behind is staggering

I’ve been hearing now and then the concept of virtual water, a.k.a water footprint. And I think by now, a lot of people actually know what it is all about, at least at the conceptual level. 139 more words

Virtual Water

How Much Water Do You Eat?

I think its time I set things straight… I’m a vegetarian (well pescetarian for the most part).

Many people don’t get it (my eastern European family), many people joke about (everyone), some think it’s a fad (my uncle), but I am going to finally explain my lifestyle choice once and for all so that people can stop telling me I’m crazy. 805 more words